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BURN LEG & THIGH FAT IN 30 DAYS!! 10 min Slim Legs Workout | Week 2 ~ Emi

life goes by fast word so down we got older where did it go now oh hi guys I'm Amy welcome back to the second week of our 30 days program to burn fat and get fit so last week we did a cardio Plus app workout to burn full body especially belly fat and this week we'll be working on the licks targeting a stop button inner and outer thigh fat hamstrings and calves but the best lip slimming exercises do this at least three to five times this week and if you want to push yourself even more you can add in last week's belly fat burning workout as well and if you're ready let's go remember to hashtag ma family to share your progress and we can motivate each other in this journey first exercise let's get our legs warmed up with licks only jumping-jack exercise hands in front hop your feet in and out if it feels easy jump harder higher and faster use it's time to remind yourself of the goals that you want to achieve so badly and the fact that this exercise is going to get you there [Applause] [Music] we will brain [Music] second exercise is squat and cake a really really fun and eclectic one for the friend in the lakes exercise plants in front off your chest squat down until thighs are parallel to the floor and as you come up extend and cake one lick to the side squat back down and kick to the other side when you come up Ott's on the sides for thirty Seconds kick as hard as you can release all the stress and anger with every cake enjoy the burn [Music] third exercise is split squat we're first working our right leg hands on your waist keeping your upper body straight and chest up step forward with your right leg lower your hips until knees are bent at about a 90 degree angle make sure your front knee is directly above your ankle and not push out too far come up and lunch down again repeat on the side until the timer is up keep going no pausing through the burn and your legs [Music] yes forth is the same movements but squat but this time left leg in front [Music] exercise is working your whole legs from your thighs your hamstrings calves Goods and even your abs the burn is getting more intense especially in your thighs enjoy it remember no pain no gain the burn means this exercise is working for you you can curse at me now but you are going to thank me later [Music] yes Finn is the killer combo of cardio and lick exercises half Burpee for an intense backward exercise start in high plank position hands extended right below your shoulder then jump your legs towards your hands and jump down back to high plank this is one rep repeat for thirty Seconds keep jumping I don't want to see anyone stop paying and resting here I know it's so tough but I'm right here doing it and suffering together with you every rep almost there [Music] good work next one let's take a little break while still working a sigh and booty with Goodridge whole exercise lie on the floor we spend feet flat on the mat then lift your hips up as high as you can and squeeze your glutes hard at the top while keeping your abs drawn in just hold it there for 30 seconds no dropping just keep squeezing [Music] seven we're standing back up for sumo squat knee up another crazy cybron feet wide apart and sumo squats ends post turnout hands together in front off your chest squat down and as you come up raise one knee up to touch your elbow squat down again and Oksana's side squat lower and faster here's your core not to maintain your balance through the burn in your thighs and keep it going we're almost halfway through eight get into all fours for a fire hydrant we're starting with the right side right knee bent and a 90 degree angle left hanging off the ground and raising it to the side until your thigh is parallel to the floor you might fall to squeeze your booty together switch sides after 15 seconds we're not letting the working leg touch the floor you should feel the burn and you're good keep it up [Music] nice donkey cake also starting on the right side similar to fire hydrant squeeze your glutes to raise your right leg behind you as high as possible lower it but still have it lifted off the floor throughout the whole movement repeat for 15 seconds and each side you should feel your glute and size getting sore that's what we're working on I hope you enjoy your break now let's get up for jump lunch to burn the fat and calories jump up and lend into a lunge position with one foot forward and one foot at the back both knees bent at around 90 degree angle jump up again and switch legs as you let go as fast and jump with the most power as you can the more what you put in now the more progress you get [Music] we're done with 2/3 of the workout already 11:00 is enough eyelids for the right next eyes by on your right side with right elbow on the floor supporting your torso right leg straight on the mat cross your left leg over your right leg and plant it in front of your body work it right in the side to polish your right leg up and down feel the burn in your inner thighs and work even harder for more burn because this is exactly what we're here for [Music] it's also inner thigh less this time for our last leg keep saying do it for the stubborn inner thigh fat there are not a lot of exercises that can isolate our inner thigh for an intense burn that's why this is one of my favorite exercises it's so effective just trust the process and put in the work [Music] yes 13th is time to work on the outer thighs with outer lip lips let's begin with our last name exercise lie on your right side similar to NFI left starting position but this time fan your right leg on the floor while having your left leg straight and lifting it up and down the faster and the more powerful your movements are more burn is happening so really push yourself here [Music] next one is the same movement working the right leg with more effort and at a higher speed do it for the slim thighs I know you wanted I got you which is why I planned these exercises just for you so less work for it [Music] and it's time for the final exercise in and out jump squat for the estimate fern promise me you will give it your all together in front stand with legs together keeping your back straight and chest out squat down this is your in squat then jump up and then with feet apart squat down and this is your out SWAT keep jumping in between in and out squash your thighs are dying I know this is so crazy and it's so working so don't give up jump faster and higher what even lower the workout is almost done we have to push for those last few seconds we did it again it seems hard during the workout and we proved to ourselves once again we're stronger than we think and we're getting stronger in every workout remember to record your progress made it be a photo video a comment of your measurements and hashtag any family it will show you your hard work it's worth it and you're getting closer to your goals every single day good work today and I'll see you again very soon thank you [Music] – BURN LEG & THIGH FAT IN 30 DAYS!! 10 min Slim Legs Workout | Week 2 ~ Emi

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