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Cardio Dance Workout – Tia Lee ‘Goodbye Princess’ – for Full Body Cardio Fat Burn ~ Emi

first exercise jump Jack [Music] next one Circle squat [Music] cake in three two one foreign [Music] crunch coming up resolution next lunges [Music] foreign [Music] you need to have eight wraps each side [Music] jump Jack let's go ending with circle squat foreign [Music] get ready this time you're on your own [Music] oh [Music] diamonds [Music] [Applause] thank you decorations [Music] because you're the Moon [Music] [Music] thank you decorations [Music] foreign really resonates with me because of the Journey of the singer tiali who overcame challenges and Roblox in her career so she actually walked away from the entertainment industry to focus on her mental health and now she's coming back because she found the motivation and strength and she wants to spread the message what doesn't kill you make you stronger we all have our own struggles in life and sometimes we can feel hopeless lost and confused and not really sure how to keep going I myself was going through a similar period last year where I took a break from everything trying to figure out what it is in life that I am looking for and this sounds tells us that every experience is valuable no matter how difficult things get it might not make sense at the time but one day you look back and realize that your life actually ends up better because you didn't get everything you wanted at the moment for me five years ago when I was working my full-time office job no matter how hard I work I couldn't get a salary raise which is back then something that I wanted the most that I couldn't get but when one door closes another opens I decided to start filming YouTube videos on the side to earn some extra bucks and that turned out to be the best life-changing decision I ever made now I'm a full-time YouTuber that I never imagined possible in my wildest dreams so thank God I didn't get that raise same with some of my past relationships where I was heartbroken over the breakups but now looking back thank God things didn't work out because I ended up meeting someone much better and more suited for me in life so the past doesn't Define us or hold us back there's no success stories without failures so anything that happens just take it as a lesson I also love the message for young girls that we don't need to settle for a prince or a fairy tale ending we don't need to be someone's princesses in order to be happy and live a fulfilling life we are our own hero of our story and we don't need to rely on anyone else we can take charge on Destiny and create our own happiness remember that we all have the power to live our lives to the fullest I hope you love this song and The Stance work out as much as I do the link to the original music video is in the description box below and I'll see you again very soon – Cardio Dance Workout – Tia Lee ‘Goodbye Princess’ – for Full Body Cardio Fat Burn ~ Emi

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