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Day 12: Hips, Butt and Thigh Workout (Home Workout Challenge)

so what are my biggest problem areas has always been my size as well as my hips and I've always wanted to grow my bump so today I am going to be showing you the best exercises you can do for your hips butt and thighs all on the floor no equipment need it at all now these workouts are a little bit unique and something different to what you haven't seen before but trust me when I say they're really gonna talk of the areas that we really want to focus on today so make sure to do as much as you can make sure to do the reps as best as you can and really focus on that mind-muscle connection today so hope you're excited to jump into this ok guys to stop again we're gonna be on all fours on the floor and all you're gonna do is you're gonna start with one leg slightly diagonal and all you're gonna do is kick it up to lead straight behind you so it's almost like you are kicking up in a diagonal line so you're gonna cross over and kick it up behind you [Music] you should definitely feel this in your glutes and the outer thighs where you're swinging that leg up as it guys make sure to keep the stomach sucked in so next through you're going to do is same position but instead of swinging it you're going to lift it up into a donkey kick position so make sure you're lifting the bum here you're really squeezing the glute and you're lifting that leg as high as possible so you're going to tap Bend and kick up [Music] excellent guys in the next move all you're going to do is bring that need to tap to the other knee and then you're going to kick it out in a diagonal outwards so again this is going to helps really target those glutes as well as the thighs and hips so tap it kick it up make sure your toes are nice and pointed the guy's concentration here so up and tap next move is straight into fire hydrants all you're going to do is lift that leg up to the side and a 90 degree angle nice and controlled [Music] right work guys keep going excellent let's flip side straightaways the same thing but on the other leg now so the first move is you're going to cross it over keep that leg up behind you sitting up make sure to keep that foot flexed [Music] straight those guys is into that donkey kicks a leg behind you crossed over again and then you're going to lift it up into a donkey kick so out Bend up sit keep going keep that foot flexed again guys and make sure that stomach sucked in and you are breathing I know this really does burn out the bomb here but it's really good because it's targeting those key areas next time you're going into guys is that needs up on the floor kicking out into a diagonal so remember you're gonna bring it in kick it out toes pointed on this one nice and controlled get that leg as high as you can [Music] it's the final move now of those fire hydrants just a 90 degree angle and let's just lift that leg up to our side and back down again nice and controlled guys I don't want you to erratically bring that leg down it's going to be nice and slow [Music] except what comes down onto your side now guys up in the next move we're gonna be doing hip dips and then as you come up you're going to bring that top leg and you're gonna kick it up so come up kick and down this move might be a little bit challenging and if for some reason you really can't leave your body off the floor just make sure that you're lifting that leg guys keep going it's a lift up kick up and down switch side straight little guys the same move I'm gonna go into that hip dip and then bring that top knee up again if you need to modify at all you can absolutely put your hand in front of you to help you really lift up in that hip dip make sure you're really lifting that leg as high as you can [Music] excellent job guys now come over onto your back and all you're going to do is stay in a position where you're going to lift up open and close the thighs and come back down so Ridge to the floor up open and close and down nice and controlled again here guys make sure to keep that stomach sucked in and lift those glutes as high as you can next we've guys is you're just going to go into bridges sir up and down and you're just going to post up and down nice work I try anything as high as possible [Music] [Music] and for the last move guys all you're going to do is open and close those legs and saddle the leg approach so keep your neck on the floor and all you gonna do is open and close those legs and open and close and make sure you twist those feet over one another so you just want to cross the toes each time this is going to have to really engage the inner thighs here and make sure you're bringing your legs down as far as you can and then cross them back up [Music] excellent job guys well done for completing this workout today so that is the end of your hip button thigh workout I really hope you enjoyed this workout today because it can be an absolute burner if you did like it don't forget to hit the subscribe button and also give me a big like and you guys know what's coming next tell me three things you are grateful for today let me know in the comments below [Music]

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