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DAY 4 | FREE 28 DAY WORKOUT CHALLENGE | Active Recovery 28min Stretch | Protein Smoothie Recipe

Oh welcome back from Teddy and I happy Thursday guys we just wanted to start by saying congratulations for making it this far throughout the program hey Tess so for those of you guys that have the PDF program you will already know that today's workout is actually a 28-minute total body stretch out and I'm so so ready for this I've known about your body's by pretty set and you're going to be feeling it after all of the workouts that you've already done so twenty-eight minutes of stretching if you don't have the PDF program please please check down below know how to get it it's really really simple at the end of this work I'm going to be showing you guys one of my favorite protein recovery shapes how to make it super fast easy and delicious guys please don't forget to hit that subscribe and hit the bell icon that also give this video a thumbs up if you are enjoying this challenge it massively massively supports my channel right guys I set a timer on let's go okay guys we're starting off with our feet shoulder distance apart and then in Swedish patterning from head to toe we're gonna start off this with some big shoulder rolls back okay regulating your breathing can't be pressing right in through the nose filling the lungs and inside the mouth through the mouth with over two more though mainly what and now we're going to reverse coming forward good getting really nice circles through those shoulders relieving any tension in the neck two more good back I know if I take a deep breath in shoulders talk to the ears and all the rest that will slide them down breath it up and without down two more good work up and down not runner amazing now we're going to take the chin to the chest pull right back up we need your FAFSA which was the shoulder wrapping in one direction and I know that a lot of you are going to want to skip this day get this back up I can't express to you how important recovery every take the active recovery I'm gonna help you throughout this program to achieve your goals to rid of any pain any Dawn's and this isn't allow you to keep working out throughout the program and today if you true now take a deep breath in cheers toward the chest on the breath I'm gonna wrap the shoulders forward and work your way down into a roll down letting the body had really really nice and heavy okay once your asperity for you can go take a deep breath in breath out you're going to cut behind the back of the cops and try bring the chest as close towards the thighs as you can really heavy audience way side to side of it deep breath in on the breath outs will load that body weight back forward and this time you're going to hold on to the elbows and we're just gonna rock side to side and you should be feeling this down the back of the legs the hamstrings a little bit cause half the back as well good work guys like that body I'm really nice and having that the head tag nice and heavy breathing all the tension comes out the body we relax those arms back down take a deep breath in on the breath out slow and controlled stack up the spine lower back mid back upper back and heck we're going to go with one more squeeze those shoulder blades go deep breath in on the ground relax them forward chin to chest heavy heavy heavy first of all the upper back boobs then it then the lower like Ravelli you want to good work again we're gonna come into right now just swaying left side the main mode though you all that can should come out the back the hamstrings the car relax those arms back down and we're going to cut behind the back of the right hardcore ankle bring that chest towards the thighs fight to have a bend in the knee guys I passed my best absolutely fine whatever works for your body given and over the other directions hoping it nice and tight we've only just started stretches don't fall send them by the end of this you'll be feeling much much more subtle deep breath in and on the breath out slow and controlled stack up the spine maybe we're going to come down onto the mat now I forgot to mention but I do need you to grab your resistance back you're going to need it throughout some of these stretches if I'm coming down into line now we're going to start with our legs long across the mat we're going to take a deep breath in and on the breath out with a slow back to toe work you know that yet again by ourselves all the way down reaching the arms up and over the head reach the arms and hands as far away from the toes as you delete an elaborate page flare which is like telling you normally not to do and you're gonna get some really nice then free the nose and out through the mouth just two more ahead filling my lungs rip cake up and blah blah ravine structure structure strength and good work in a bed one year for every other we a half both need give towards our chest ahead just hold him on quite gently to the knees we're gonna sway side to side okay and now we're just gonna take those legs a little bit further away and mascot out through the lower backs you should put this into the coccyx area the lower back maybe a little bit the glutes good work and now we're going to hug him tight up and we're going to rock there and feel that further up to the back amazing well done guys good so now what we're going to do is hop onto the left leg we're going to sprint to the right leg back so I'm going to flex the foot of the right leg we were trying to push that right knee down in towards the max and hug that left knee in really nice and tight and you should feel this a bit in the hip flexor maybe a little bit in the hip joint good work holding that three breathing two from now going to open the leg up okay a little bit of a bridge stretch if you want to try and keep that right hip yeah try it just sway through the body keep that right hip down you can root onto the floor amazing but go with what works for your body okay keep that foot flexed keep that core engaged ribcage down and breathe it really filling the lungs deep breath in your pitch comes up and out of control it comes back around again that's our timer to tell us that we're a quarter of the way through coming back into neutral for me guys so now we'll take our bags and we're gonna hook our back around the solar Buffett okay from there should be feeling the hashable ready you need to bend the knee take a deep breath in on the breath back trench drinks and that leg out as far as you feel like we're going should be feeling that in the car the hamstring and me good work we're down here a little bit of a PNF stretching which is the whole relax at Nick we're gonna push it gets about trying to point the foot ah good point relax go back two more points and relax the last one relax and just be free stuff stretch a little try and bring that leg is but further back with the recap three two one you're gonna hold on to the back with the left hand bring that right arm out to the side and then you're gonna take that leg as far out to the side as you feel it and

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