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Eating ONLY VEGAN For One Week Challenge! Challenge to eat only vegan food for one week VLOG 15

life goes by fast will it slow down we got older where did it go now back in time when all we had was you and me these memories [Music] hi guys so in this vlog i'm gonna try to eat only vegan food for one week i've actually tried eating vegan a few years ago for maybe less than a week and then i completely felt now that i am older and stronger with more determination i'm just gonna try again and also a lot of you have been asking me what camera i've been using for my recent vlogs is set v1 from sony it comes with a flip screen the autofocus is so great and it adjusts the lighting so for example right now it's very bright but if i walk into a darker environment you can see that it auto adjusts and you still look great even though the actual environment is pretty dark and now let's begin day one of the vegan challenge are you ready are you ready with me for breakfast i'm trying this vegan coconut yogurt passion food flavor 30 off it's very easy for me to decide what to get at the supermarket because i always pick the one that's on discount fruit and fiber muesli strawberries and blueberries i'm gonna top it with some unsweetened coconut flakes finishing with some chia seeds high in protein omega and fiber i get all these ingredients on i herb i'll also put the discounter code in the description box below for drinks i'm gonna have some of my favorite japanese soy milk okay and that's my first vegan breakfast um he has grown so much since you guys last saw him in my vlog big boy now good boy [Music] i love you good good okay bye [Music] for today's lunch and dinner we're making mexican pop quinoa pan black beans cilantro avocado onions tomato bell pepper quinoa corn lemon garlic salt cumin black pepper cover it and let it cook until the water is soaked [Music] up i'm gonna add some of the avocado as well it's quite a big pot because it's gonna be my lunch and dinner and i'm gonna add some spinach as well because i bought a huge cat last week i just have to finish it before it turns fat did we normally mix this with men's beef but today even without the beef it tastes great i think [Music] [Music] [Music] done with my workout and so now it's dinner time it's basically same as lunch [Music] yogurt do oat and barley porridge that is whole grain and high in fiber and then add some fruits into it and we're gonna cook it with almond milk i always choose the unsweetened one one pack looks like this is pretty small so i'm gonna make another pack eat more adding some vegan raw almond butter this one i love so much i also got it from iherb the only ingredient they use is raw organic almonds so without all the nasty like palm oil a spoonful to add some more flavor so far it's been okay well because it's still really early in the week but the first day last night i didn't really crave for like oh i need to eat some meat or even sweets however this morning i did wake up feeling a bit hungry and so that's why this morning i'm having two portions of the oat and barley porridge it's so filling and you start off the day feeling something healthy it's off to a good start my body feels great mama i think you may be here it's your new toilet it's so big with a nice view yeah for lunch we're making vegetables coconut curry basically you can add any vegetables you like our main ingredient is sweet potato carrot mushroom zucchini cauliflower onion green pepper we're also adding some leftover vegetables we're using the organic curry powder that i also got from i heard and then this vegan coconut milk powder also dairy-free free also from my heart okay the curry is ready for you before my workout i really like that we add sweet potato just makes it more filling we are coming to go see my parents and football yeah oh oh [Music] foreign and here's the super yummy vegetable soup that my mom makes it's celery bell pepper carrots and tomato [Music] i'm having just the same coconut passion fruit vegan yogurt and also just some fruits pour some chia seeds on top and some muesli this morning i woke up feeling actually really really full i don't feel like i'm missing meat too much especially because my last night dinner was so similar to you know the usual meat dishes we have and it was so yummy so today for lunch and dinner we're making kimchi tofu soup so kimchi we'll add a bit of soy sauce and garlic as well and then this discounted tofu that i bought onions carrot tomato japanese mushroom this is um soy konyaku noodles and also cabbage the last part i'm gonna add in the soy noodles it's very low in calories and high in fiber it's ready kimchi is actually really good for your health and good for your stomach but it's very appetizing after such a filling dinner last night [Music] deep like an overdose tonight's dinner i forgot to film it but it's basically the same thing with my kimchi soup i finished the whole pot and now i'm gonna reward myself with some dessert 100 vegan coconut dessert three days into this vegan week i've been feeling surprisingly very good i don't feel like i'm more tired or with less energy i got through all my workouts for breakfast we're gonna try something new hot tortilla with banana and peanut butter like the almond butter we used the other day the only ingredient is peanuts together with some coconut flakes for a little morning snacky i'm gonna have this ryoku tofu it means a tofu made with peanuts it already comes with the soy sauce it's savory [Music] you're the anecdote [Music] [Music] now gonna go make my post workout lunch big pumpkin big purple sweet potato i'm gonna dip them in this sweet chili hummus that i got from max espresso yesterday on discount and this is just a simple stir-fry mushroom beans and cauliflower [Music] for dinner the same thing as expected super boring hopefully very good today we're just gonna have a simple oatmeal and kiwi banana dragon fruit and i'm gonna sprinkle some black sesame seeds honestly during the weekdays it's not been too difficult because i eat yummy home cooked food but i feel like the real challenge is actually on the weekend because i normally just eat whatever cheap meals i like and the things i like are pasta with like cheese and delicious meat and chicken wings as well [Music] i'm gonna try this kel and bean soup it's made in hong kong healthy and no preservatives not bad it's a bit spicy the vegetables still taste very fresh friday night we got takeaway chad is gonna do the introduction he normally doesn't like vegetarian or vegan but it's indian so i might really like this we're both having the soba noodle salad this is the himalayan spinach dumplings which is supposed to be their signature which i'm really excited for it is pani puri it's like a deep fried indian snack emily's having um aloo gobi which is sort of like a cauliflower potato with cumin seed type curry and then i'm having a corn porridge with a mushroom curry let's see if it's yummy yeah i'm excited um all right um i look good it's really good even without me – Eating ONLY VEGAN For One Week Challenge! 挑戰一星期只吃純素 VLOG 15 ~ Emi

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