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Eating Scorpions in China?! Crazy Shenzhen Street Food Tour + Trying the Famous Cheese Tea!

life goes by fast let's slow down we got older it stole my birthday weekend just here sleeping I am her young son Giudice have them GT seeds having no you crazy dude done hey let her Instagram kogai be okay already huh today my dear boy they share amazing team og og United and I hate each homework can you taste the cheese [Music] that thing will go back to somebody we have arrived [Music] [Applause] I'm moving by wall communicate I thought as I watched so many Taiwanese drama I get like communicate here with men during no problem the lady was a bit angry I think she can't understand if I want a bread or put it fuel and only I don't know how to pronounce you I thought it's family so wow it sounds like friend oh shoot I wanna press for my audience kill them before so far in illegal hi laude [Music] the whole shebang a hater okay I'm not the maker of single second do I know github [Music] [Music] the texture really nice in Hong Kong we have em in certain they have they pizza ladies having a gourmet manga know where my first met him he used to wear like hoppin kinda not that now he wears but lethality they even have like super super even all the things he does for Instagram photos I think you guys have heard them what give me sick guy he's a he's a diem getting all the hotel do you got your book that leg on her sri lanka a sodium Arkadiy I like you more I got my true nature her dumb yeah yeah he got on each unit so hey I'm your learner's how cool our him boarding no commas at hide or pitch at your bow more yeah I had my own words see their sons and oh okay you might hold on home that you guess it's a back kick Panna Peugeot hi oh that's a condom always like what he is Mike at school or doing your luggage home oh hi boys EO que jose camino de halong go he saw the line like our young Isaac movie saw on the cheese [Music] [Music] [Music] there was a people that's the one that which I wanted you holiday got the money sometimes had more to do sex I watch from what would that maybe it's like chips just like the whole thing you got to eat the whole thing is really nice put the whole thing yeah come on a gun to you go ahead except me to someone yeah [Music] yeah [Music] [Music] – Eating Scorpions in China?! Crazy Shenzhen Street Food Tour + Trying the Famous Cheese Tea!

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