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(Eng) Perfect Posture Challenge! | Fix Rounded Shoulders & Hunchback Posture in 2 WEEKS

Okay, let's do the next step, which will work on the neck muscles to correct the forward head posture. Bend your knees slightly, and lean your upper body forward. Place both hands on your head, and press down. Bend your chin and tighten your neck. Try to lift your head against the pressure of your hands. Okay, the next one will be lying down. Rotating the shoulder outward. This will help establish rounded shoulders and tight upper trapezius muscles. Lie on your side with your head on a pillow. Keep your upper arm extended at your side and keep the elbow position at 90 degrees. During this process, you can do this with dumbbells or a water bottle, which can To give you a big difference Please remember to keep your arm tight all the time and hold the elbow position at 90 degrees Okay, now let's start the exhalation stretch Place your elbow and shoulder in a straight line Use your other hand to push your forearm down to the floor Please press as far as possible that is comfortable for you Okay, Let's switch the other side if you have sloping shoulders or your trapezius is showing a protrusion like structure then apart from loosening up the tight muscles you may also need to pay attention to your shoulder blades as shoulder drop can cause the inner part of the shoulder like a sword to protrude and push the trapezius Overhead This exercise will help your shoulders return to the normal position and give you a better level shoulder line Okay, it's time to stretch the tight shoulder Please do it slowly and comfortably for you Okay, we have planking exercises next, engage your midsection muscles and make sure your body is straight If you want the exercise to be more challenging for you, you can raise your legs alternately. This exercise will train the back to reduce stress on the upper trapezius and also correct the position of the shoulders by working the anterior trapezius muscles. Okay, let's sit down to stretch the shoulder bones. If they are too tight, the upper trapezius will be lifted. With your shoulder blades put your left arm behind your back, tilt your right ear towards your right shoulder and then look at the floor. You can also put your right hand on your head to create some pressure. Okay, switch sides. Put your right hand behind your back. Tilt your left ear towards your left shoulder, then look at Floor Okay, next is the wall angel pose, which means keeping your shoulders flat and engaging your upper back muscles. Bend your knees slightly, keeping the shoulders of your head and lower back flat against the wall. Bend your shoulder blades and move your arms up and down the wall. The trapezius muscle actually contains It has three components: the upper part of the shoulder, the middle, and the lower part of the inner area of the shoulder. In general, because of the weak middle area and the lower part of the trapezius, the upper trapezius gets stressed and becomes tight. This exercise can train the middle and lower region of the trapezius muscle well, to tighten the upper trapezius in Tight shape Okay, you can raise your arms to the middle if you can't lift them up fully Okay, next we're going to stretch the chest muscles Excess chest muscles can round the shoulders Shift the shoulder position and tighten the upper quads Place your right arm against the wall, with the elbow at shoulder height Take One step forward using the same side leg and bending the shoulder blades you can feel the chest muscles stretching Okay, relax! Arms on the wall and elbows higher than shoulder height Take a step forward with the same leg and slender body away from the wall You can feel the stretch in your pectoralis minor muscle Okay, relax your shoulders and let's change to the other side The elbow should not lower your shoulder Make sure you open your chest and bend your shoulder blades Okay, relax! Raise your arms a little higher. Lean forward and twist your body away from the wall. Okay, the last step. Let's loosen the upper trapezius using the massage ball. Lie on the wall like this and roll the massage ball in the tight area. Okay. Switch sides and massage in the same way as before. You can also massage your tight chest or back. With this ball Okay, that's all for today I hope you guys enjoyed it See you soon next week, bye

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