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(Eng) Relieve Lower Back Pain & Look Taller! 8 MIN Exercise to Fix Anterior Pelvic Tilt FAST!

If you have weak knees, you can also sit on chair to do it Make sure that your knees do not go beyond your toes and tighten your abs all the time to maintain the correct position of your pelvis Do not tilt it forward then press your body downward to feel the stretch All right, let's switch over to the other leg when the muscles in the front of your pelvis and thighs are tight, while the ones in the back are weak your pelvis will be rotated forward so today we are going to relax the tight muscles and train the weak ones to correct the anterior pelvic tilt Okay, let's stretch our erector spinae right now Relax your whole body, lower your forehead to the ground and slowly move your hips towards your heels there are three muscle groups can pull the pelvis to tilt forward like iliopsoas that we’ve stretched, the erector spinae we are stretching now and quadriceps will be stretching next if these muscles are tight your pelvis will be rotated forward that's why we need to stretch these muscles Okay, let's stretch our quadriceps Balance your body and bring your heel as close as possible to your hip An important cause of anterior pelvic tilt is sitting down for a long duration so if you need to sit for long periods during your works or studying make sure to get up and do a few simple stretches All right, let's switch to the other leg Anterior Pelvic Tilt, I will call it APT for short it's very common among people right now This issue forces your spine to curve, which make your belly looks bigger, make you look shorter Also it can cause back and hip pains, alongside with bad postures so APT should be corrected as early as possible Okay, we're done with stretching the tight muscles, now let's go to train our weak muscles The first exercise is single leg glute bridge Tighten your core, squeeze your butt, slowly lift your hips off the ground stay there for 3 seconds and return to the starting position make sure that your heels is not too near your hips otherwise your spine will be strained too much when you lifting your hips also don't lift your hips too high or slant your body The another reason of APT is because our muscles at the hips, hamstrings and core are very weak these muscles are supposed to pull the pelvis move backwards correctly so we need to train these muscles to keep the right pelvic position Alright, let's switch over to the other leg this exercise can train our glutes and legs very well The weakness in these two muscle groups can cause hyperextended knee which plays a significant role in causing big front thighs and calves so having strong hips and legs is extremely important for us let's work hard and do this glute bridge properly You can slow down if you're tired But it's almost done guys, you can do it! All right, next we will do a pelvic tilt practice to find out the way to engage your core and keep the pelvis in correct position Lie down naturally on your back and bend your knees take a deep breath then exhale slowly and pull your belly button in toward your spine push your pelvis up towards the ceiling Please tighten your glute and core muscles hold for 5 secs, then inheal and return to the starting position This exercise will help your pelvis get in correct natural position All right, the next one is the lying bugs targeting our cores, especially the lower abs The lower abs play a very important role in pushing our pelvis to the correct position Make sure to engage your core all the time and tilt your pelvis up to make your lower back keep touching the floor throughout this process Okay, the next exercise is bike crunches Apart from correcting APT, this excise is also one of the best exercises for abs Engage your core and tuck in your chin, try to touch the opposite knees with your elbows Please make sure to just place your hands over your ears do not pull your head forward really hard with your hands otherwise your neck will get hurt Make sure tighten your core throughout this process There are only two more exercises left Yes, you can do it! Okay, the second last exercise – Reverse Crunches This one is very effective in training our lower abs Do not swing your legs when doing the crunches but use the abs to do it Yes, try to use your core strength to bring your lower body up and down Please remember always exhale when you are using strength, not inhale All right, now on to the last exercise This exercise is very effective in training our glutes, hamstrings and abs It also helps to enhance our control over positioning our pelvis At the same time it can also stretch our muscles Make sure to tighten your core all the time and don't drop your pelvis at the lowest point Hang in there guys, just a few seconds left, you can do it! All right everyone, we have done all the exercises now let's stretch our erector spinae Take a few deep breaths and relax your body If you don't have a foam roller, then that's all for today's video If you have one, please continue with me to do the massage Yes, place both legs on the foam roller like this roll back and forth slowly to relax our quadriceps we will segment the quadriceps into three regions and start with the part just above the knees focusing on a smaller area like this will be easier and more effective for massage Okay, shift your foam roller up to the middle segment and roll slowly for about 12 times Tight quadriceps can lead to many bad postures and these bad body postures can cause worse tension quadriceps and causes protruding front thighs so we need a foam roller to further massage these muscles very well lastly let's shift the roller to the upper thighs and repeat the same moment for roughly 12 times I always get questions from you like "how to slim down the front of my thighs?" actually it's not about the fat More likely, it's because of the tensed quadriceps and bad postures so by massaging like this frequently, the problem of bulky front thighs can be effectively revolved.

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