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(Eng) Thigh Gap in 7 DAYs! | 10 Min Inner Thigh/ Leg Workout ( Knee Friendly, No Equipment)

Note this video is only for people who want to lose inner thigh fat and get a thigh gap I am not judging any appearance, you are perfect the way you are! Please understand the concept of “not losing fat in the spot” correctly. For example, there is no instant way to lose fat, and we cannot only lose fat on the legs, while keeping the fat on our arms. Leg exercise may burn a certain amount of calories, which may lead to burning fat all over the body. At the same time, the exercise mainly targets the leg muscles, so it affects the legs in particular with the aim of reducing and dividing the muscles. Before I know my thighs are not that big, but that's the only reason I want to try this inner thigh exercise I designed. After that, I relaxed a little during these 7 days. I was doing this exercise twice a day. I also added a whole body exercise (link in the description box). At the same time, I was eating healthy all the time. 10 minutes of lying down exercise on the inner thigh. 9 exercises in total. Do 45 seconds and pause for 10 seconds. The first exercise is to tighten the inner thigh. Lie on one of your sides with your body on a straight line. Raise your lower leg and lower it slowly while controlling it. Make sure to raise your heel and lower your toes and never touch the floor when lowering the leg in this way. Muscles. Your inner thighs will be trained better. Okay, so let's move on to the other side. There are three main reasons for getting big inner thighs. First, high body fat percentage is the most well-known reason. The second reason is weak thigh muscles. The last one is the muscles in your butt and back of your thighs are not strong enough. Relaxing the muscles makes the inner thigh bigger. Therefore, today's session will target these three reasons and slim your inner thigh accordingly. Okay, take a break. Let's get ready for the second exercise. Keep the leg open with the knees bent. Make sure to open your knees as much as possible. Wait for two seconds and then return to the starting position. Please do the movements. Slowly and with control, engage your inner thigh muscles all the time. If you want to get a better result in a short time, you can use a “resistance band” or you can put on heavy shoes, which can add some weight to your legs. Okay, rest for 10 seconds. The next exercise will be “Side Scissor Pulse” Please do the movements slowly and with control. This exercise mainly targets your thigh. Keep your legs as straight as possible, but if you have the problem of hyperextension of the knee, do not extend your knees straight that far or you may hurt your knees. Okay, let's take a break for 10 seconds. The next exercise will be the Clamshell. Lie on your side, keeping your heels touching each other, and raise the knee at the top as high as possible without moving your hips. Make sure to engage the muscles of the middle region and fully tighten the gluteal muscles. This may help stabilize the hips and train the thigh and muscle strengtheners more efficiently. This is considered The movement is also one of the best exercises to target the glutes to get rid of Hip-Dips. So, let's work hard to do this exercise correctly. Okay, let's move to the other side. You can lie on your back on a sofa to help you. Stop the hip rotation while raising your top knee. Tighten your midsection and tighten your butt as well. Do you feel a burning sensation in your legs and butt? This shows that this exercise is working so please keep going! You can do it! Okay, let's take a short break! Then we do the pressure pillow exercise. Make sure to keep your feet touching each other. Place the pillow in the middle of the thighs and then press it firmly. Okay, let’s start pressing the pillow. Continue pressing for ten seconds. Okay, relax for three seconds. Let’s press the pillow harder again for ten seconds. Okay. Relax, let's press again. Okay, relax, let's press harder again. Okay, take a break. The next exercise will be the Butterfly Bridge. Lie on your back, press the area under your feet together, then tighten the muscles in the middle area and tighten the glutes. Lift your hips off the mat and hold them for two seconds, then lower your hips. To barely touch the ground, do not raise your hips too high. Form a straight line with your body. This will be better. This exercise can strengthen the inner side of the thighs, the glutes and the core muscles. Okay, take a break. The next exercise will be to raise the leg to the side and kick back. Please keep your arms and thighs perpendicular to the ground. Use your midsection muscles throughout the exercise. Make sure your back is flat at all times. Please do not raise your leg too high, otherwise your back will start to arch or your hip will start to rotate. Imagine that you are balancing a cup of water on your back. It will help you do this better. Okay, let's switch legs. Targets This exercise mainly targets the thigh joints, gluteal muscles, and hamstrings. As I mentioned before, tighten all of these muscles. This will help you reduce the thinness of the inner thighs. Okay, take a break. There are only two more exercises, hamstring curls. Let's do an exercise. Make sure to keep your feet touching. Squeeze the muscles. Buttocks hard all the time and do this movement slowly and with control. This exercise can train the hamstrings and muscles very well and it is also one of the best exercises to correct hyperextension of the knee. Well, let's take a break and then the last exercise, the plank area exercise with the fingers! This is a practical exercise that will burn body fat and train the muscles of the thighs and abdomen. If you want it to be more difficult, you can use wooden jacks instead. Make sure to engage the muscles of the middle region at all times to keep your shoulders, hips, knees and ankles straight. When pressing your toes on the floor, make sure that the leg Straight Okay, today's workout is done, you did it! Let's do some done

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