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EXTREME Arm Burn – 7 mins – Level Up!

(whoosh) – Hey guys, and welcome back to my channel. Now, Ellie is not here for this partner workout, because sadly she does have an injury to her neck. So I am just gonna be doing this intense arm workout. So during this routine, we are gonna be holding out our arms the entire time. Now do try your best to keep your arms up through the whole workout with me, because it's really gonna help to tighten the skin towards those muscles. So without further ado, let's get into it. (soft techno music) Okay guys, welcome to your seven minute arm workout. So remember, this is no weights, so don't drop your arms. So just bring them to the side, and the first move, all you're gonna do is up, and down. So you just want to imagine that you've got a ball, and you're just going over and under that ball, so keep those arms up. Circles forward, guys. Circle back. Excellent. Back to those ball movements. So, over and under, eight of these. Back to circles forward. Keep those arms up, guys. Circle back. Now keeping one arm up, you're just gonna pull the other one towards the side of you. Eight counts here, guys. Now just push the arm up and down with a slight bend, this is gonna help to really get into the biceps. Other side now, guys, same move. Pull it in, up, in, up. Make sure you're twisting those hands. And then push the arm up. Keep that bend. (upbeat techno music) Excellent. Guys, bring the arms forward to side. Forward, side. Make sure as you pull back, you've got a slight bend. Up and down. That's it. Pull the arms down. It's gonna help to target the shoulders in the back. Excellent, guys. Back to pulling that arm to the side, working on those biceps. I know it burns, but keep going. Back to those bicep, up, down, up, down. Other side, guys. So pull it down, up, down, up. Keep breathing. And then push the arm up and down. (soft techno music) Pull those arms forward and back, guys. Make sure you're exaggerating. Really bringing them back. Up, down, up, down. That's it, really use some force here, guys. (techno music) Slap forward. So palms facing me, guys. Back. These ones are an absolute burner. Forward again. Keep smiling, push it back. Excellent. Now slap upwards, guys. Should feel the burn in those shoulders. Up again, guys. So keep breathing. Now, just imagine you're trying to grab something in front, so, grab, grab, both sides. Grab, grab, both sides. So make sure you're really opening and closing those hands. You should really be feeling this. I know, this is where it starts to really get sore out, guys, but keep going. Let's go back to the beginning. So over and under the ball. Circles. Keep those arms up, guys, come on, not long. You can do it. Let's go back. Pull those arms to the side and up. That's it. Don't drop that other arm. Other side. Bring those arms to the front, side, front, side. That's it. Really exaggerate this movement, guys. Pull them back. Now just imagine that you're got a box here, and you're just opening and close those hands around. Move the box to the side, that's it. Twist the body. (soft techno music) Box, side. That's it. Keep going guys. Punch up, that's it. Up, down, up, down. Punch forward. Up, up, and up. Side. Slap forward. That's it. Come on, keep those arms up. You've got this. Back. Forward. That's it. Come on. Not long left. Take it back. Slap up. Down. Come on guys. Up. You've got this. Down. Keep smiling. Imagine someone else. That's it. Fist and knuckles, guys. Circle, bring it forward to me. That's it. Back out to the side. Bring it forward again. That's it, keep doing those circles. Not got long, push through. Take it back to the side. Circles. (techno music) And drop those arms, guys, well done. (whoosh) So guys that is the end of your arm workout. I hope you all really did enjoy this one because it's one of my favorites. If you did, don't forget to hit that like button and also subscribe to my YouTube channel. And if you want to find out the best training program for you, then check out my free quiz in the description box. Now, I want to turn it over to you. Did you make it through the entire workout without dropping your arms? Let me know in the comments below. (upbeat music)

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