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EXTREME Arms – Slim and Tight Fast – 10 mins, intense!

um [Music] okay guys welcome to your arm workout so my mic wasn't working on this point so i'm going to do a voice over on top so just follow along arms out to the side the first move you're going to do is you're just going to drop that elbow to the hip so keeping those arms nice and elongated other side repeat that one two three four other side [Music] next move we're just going to reach on over hand above the head arm out to the side either side really stretch with those fingers repeat that so we're like pushing out either side and for next move we're just going to do nice small circles with our arms forward and now back repeat that forward three four to the back three and four next move you're just going to do small little pumps bringing those elbows to the floor [Music] this is going to help to really get into those shoulders [Music] so next we're just going to pump to the side with the palm of your hand and then push it back push again two three four and back really use that palm here to do this other side make sure you're pushing out from your arm push it back let's repeat that push foot push it back three and four excellent so now i just want you to pull down so your arms gonna go up and as you pull down your hands are gonna rotate in two three four excellent now do it forward so don't want to push your arms completely back just want it next to the side of you [Music] next move back to those nice small circles keeping that core nice and tight push it back three and four forward three four and now back two three and four next move we're just going to do those slaps to the full front so it's double time so one two double time one two double time make sure you're really getting those wrists involved in this motion one two double slap one two double slap slap backwards keep those arms nice and straight to the side let's slap forward [Music] slap down [Music] keep going now all i want you to do is grab forward double time so it's going to be single single double double really use that hand to grip imagine that you're trying to grab something in front of you [Music] keep going now grab to the side individually bringing those nice elbows into the waist each time now let's grab behind us [Music] pull downs arms above bring those elbows to those hips really making sure we've got some motion going elongating the hands having tension behind these movements forward and i just want you to bring it to the side amazing work now i just want you to have straight hands with your palms facing one another it's almost like you're going to clap forward now one hand at a time keeping that core tight either side two three and four repeat three and four again one two three and four just want you to elongate like we did in the beginning getting that stretch into the arms other side repeat really stretch out other side [Music] amazing work let's go down to those mini pull downs where you're just going to come to the side and pull down to the waist i know it's really burning here but you're doing amazing [Music] i just want you to roll those fits in front of you as quickly as you can reverse [Music] have fun with it [Music] now just punch up really using some force [Music] punch forward towards me five six punch to the side individually one two three four [Music] back to those circles with the palm of your hands [Music] we've not got long guys keep going backwards [Music] have fun with it forward up so imagine that your hands are going over a ball so it's going up and under up and under [Music] and that is it guys relax and well done so guys that was the end of today's workout i hope you all really did enjoy this if you did don't forget to hit the like and subscribe button to my channel because it really does help and if you guys are enjoying in stream week please let me know as well in the comments below this video now if you are loving these type of workouts i know that you are going to love the workouts in my program so you guys can get a free trial right now by going to the app store and typing in hooked health or you can get a direct access in the description box and also guys you have free access to my community where you guys can speak to a bunch of different people including myself asking motivation tips nutrition fitness you name it we're all discussing it so you guys have free access to this as well in my description box below otherwise guys that's it from me hope you've enjoyed it and i'll see you all very soon [Music] you

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