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Feel Good Slow Flow (30 Minute Yoga Class)

hey friends kathy madeo here back with another feel good flow this class i actually sequenced out with my current yoga teacher trainees that are taking my online 200 hour yoga teacher training if you've ever wondered what the kind of a larger holistic picture of the yoga practice is if you have a suspicion that there's more to yoga than just the yoga poses if you've been practicing at home and aren't sure if you're doing the poses in a healthy sustainable way this training is for you you don't even necessarily need to want to be a teacher all you need is a desire to deepen your yoga practice and the training will meet you wherever you are so i've got some information in the description box below otherwise grab your mat and let's get started we'll get started in a cross-legged seated posture feel free to prop yourself up on a blanket we'll place our hands on our lap and just close down your eyes for a few moments here as you do that perhaps you still are smelling the scent from the spray allow that to calm you observe your breath here just watching it go in on the inhale and out on your exhale we can find simple ways throughout our day to invite more peace and tranquility into our daily lives sometimes just stimulating your smell taking a few moments to close your eyes and watch your breath it's oftentimes all we need to reset we'll bring our hands into prayer heart center and gratitude of coming together today take an inhale in on your exhale just bow in inhale blink open your eyes and we'll sweep our arms up on your exhale take your left hand down nice side bend over to the left thread your left arm catch hold of your right leg use your inhale to lengthen your spine and exhale twist to the right you can create a kickstand with those right fingertips behind you inhale to come out of your twist you can cross at the elbows exhale flex your spine so allow that spine to round and stretch inhale lift your arms parallel to the floor and we'll take either an eagle arm wrap or grab your shoulders if that's not accessible here and just get a nice shoulder stretch so today's class is just all about moving around stretching feeling good so we'll release any judgments or expectations inhale lift your elbows gaze up exhale bring your elbows into your chest and we'll do that one more time inhale pelvis can go forward gaze up and exhale bring your elbows in inhale release and we'll switch the cross and our legs on our exhale use your inhale reach your arms up exhale right hand down this time side bend over to the left just feel a nice lateral bend to the left side use your inhale we'll cross the right hand to get a long spine left hand circles back behind you for a twist breath in reaching the crown of your head up and exhale twist a little bit deeper on your exhale inhale cross your left elbow flex your spine on your exhale chin to chest inhale arms parallel to the ground we're taking that eagle arm wrap breathing feeling the shoulder blades spread away stretching those rhomboid muscles inhale reach those elbows up exhale pull your elbows in inhale lift up and exhale in on an inhale we'll undo the arm bind and we'll come into our tabletop position so facing the front of your mat from here we'll just start to take some circles called dancing lines you're moving your hips back circling the shoulders forward in one direction we're really just waking up our joints here if you hear any cracking that's totally normal we'll switch directions from here bring your big toes together knees wide we'll take our child's pose so this is our resting pose in yoga you can take this at any point today one more breath here on an inhale we'll lift the head curl our toes under for downward facing dog so hips up you're basically creating like a v shape with your body and if the legs don't straight or you find your low back rounding just bend your knees for your downward facing dog and reach those sit bones up and get a nice long spine here we can pedal the feet out bend one knee straighten the opposite leg and switch and if you find yourself kind of rushing moving quickly through movements i want to invite you to just start to slow down so you can really embody the experience in your body of the movement working back into our downward facing dog push the floor away with your hands another breath here we'll come forward into our plank position feet can be hips distance apart hips in line with shoulders and belly nice and firm we'll take another breath here shift the weight a little bit forward drop your knees down modified chaturanga which you can take throughout the class today and we'll inhale up for cobra pose so pelvis towards the ground chest pulls through elbows are bent for your cobra pose take an inhale and as you exhale bring your chest down widen your hands for a serpent cobra on an inhale bring your shoulder blades in towards the spine lift your chest and exhale back down we'll do that two more times inhale again just letting it feel good we're basically just stretching the front of our body engaging our back body last one here bring your hands underneath your arm biceps curl your toes you can move through knees here and we'll actually come into what's called turbo dog so knees will remain deeply bent chest back towards your thighs sit bones reach up push the floor away from here we'll push our leg straight into a high plank so shoulder blades spread away here bend your knees bend your elbows go back to that turbo dog so spine extends and we're just linking these two movements together these are called spinal waves might feel awkward if you've never done it at first but once you get the hang of it it's nice to just let the spine move in a more fluid pattern last one here okay we'll straighten out our legs walk our feet up towards our hands feet hips distance apart for ragdoll you can grab opposite elbow let your head release knees can soften belly towards your thighs sway side to side release your hands we'll roll up one vertebrae at a time keep your belly nice and firm as you stack your shoulders over your hips for our mountain pose tadasana breath in breath out from here heel toe your feet together inhale reach your arms up exhale chair pose bend your knees hips back weight towards your heels reach your sternum up find that calm through the challenge here as we start to heat up our body take an inhale here exhale fold forward fold you can keep a soft bend in your knees inhale halfway lift step your right foot back and then you're left for plank pose take an inhale on your exhale remember you can drop those knees down for chaturanga inhale to cobra or upward facing dog pull your chest through exhale downward facing dog breath in breath out next inhale extend your right leg up three legged down dog try to keep your right hip closed don't worry about how high you get the leg just try to straighten your right leg here on your exhale bring your knee in towards your nose place your foot back knee d

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