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so a lot of us stay indoors even more these days because of the lockdown and it's easy to spend more time slushing in front of the screens watching netflix texting scrolling on social media and without us even realizing our postures are getting worse and worse not just affecting how we look but also how we feel and our health in the long term so it's time for another 10 minutes exercise to fix our posture if you're ready let's go 10 exercises 50 seconds each with 10 seconds rest in between first exercise is chest opener i think about you [Music] it was only one night exercise open your elbows to the side and back and squeeze the shoulder blades together it doesn't even make sense while we try to fight it every time that we touch the room caught on fire we could blame it on the wine but we know that we will both be lying i wish i didn't want you [Music] i was doing just fine the way that it was then you had me these emotions didn't want them but i guess they don't stuck with them they could go [Music] and i should let it be [Music] [Music] second is wall slide [Music] exercise back flat on the wall slide your arms down as you bend your elbows forearms parallel to each other [Music] [Applause] maybe [Music] [Music] third is table top lift [Music] exercise face up press your palms into the floor and push up until your body is parallel to the ground squeeze your shoulder blades together [Music] [Music] it's the only place [Music] is [Music] fourth is glute bridge [Music] exercise hip as high up as possible try to lace your fingers together on the ground while squeezing your back and shoulder blades together [Music] oh [Music] [Music] fifth all four twists [Music] exercise twist your torso to reach right arm up to the sky look up twist more to open up your chest we will switch side after 25 seconds [Music] [Music] three standing right here i [Music] [Music] sixth is abstracts [Music] [Music] would you stay with me you can come back down and push your torso up again higher this time with more stretch in the [Music] too belly maybe i'm just afraid of being alone well i don't care cause right now i feel the love that we said we will burn oh i know seventh down twist [Music] get into downward facing dog like an upside down v then twist and look to one side under your arm and extend your opposite arm to touch the outside of your foot switch side after 25 seconds [Music] three two one switch sides [Music] [Music] eighth is back squeeze [Music] exercise lying face down on the ground pull your elbows back lifting your torso lightly and squeeze your shoulder blades together pause up and down here for three reps until you extend your arms back down [Music] but what can i do and it would be all right to let me down rather we try then let these feelings slide so i'm gonna die dive into you it doesn't even make sense while we try to fight it every time that we touch the room caught on fire we could blame it on the wine but we know that we were both [Music] draw a big circle with your arms towards the back as if you're swimming lifting your torso up feeling the rotation in your shoulders and the squeeze in your back then circle your arms to the front and [Music] [Music] [Music] huh [Music] final exercise is cat cow type sense what i think about you [Music] exercise breathe out as you round your back and pull your navel in towards the sky then breathe in and arch your back with head up raise one leg and reach opposite arm back to touch your foot [Music] [Music] [Music] here i'm gonna dive into your [Music] good work you can do this daily for just 10 minutes to fix your posture and to look better feel better share this with your friends and family to help them with their postures as well and i'll see you again very soon

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