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FULL BODY SHRED | Get Fit in 4 Weeks Challenge ~ Emi

life goes by fast will it slow down we got older where did it go now back in time when all we had was you and me these memories [Music] welcome to the all new four weeks full body transform challenge starting with week one full body fat loss week two intense acts and belly burn week 3 get rid of the arms and back fat and weak 4 slim legs and thighs and the whole program will be in the description box below today is week 1 and we're kick starting with the best full body workout to lose fat and sculpt the whole body for summer and if you're ready let's go each exercise 30 seconds with five seconds rest don't worry there will be longer rest in between sets i promise it is going to be a fun sweat first exercise half star reach exercise warm up the full body get the fat burning started [Applause] [Music] rest second switch side exercise [Music] go faster reach higher rest third lunch cake exercise right like fries strong cakes [Music] i feel it growing stronger every beat i never just believe press fourth the other leg exercise imagine a goal in front of you can get hard and high [Music] one too many times they taught me laws are what [Music] fifth squat punch exercise last one in this set but for longer rest of 10 seconds push it punch heart [Music] [Music] [Applause] is [Music] yes 10 seconds for us next site we're starting with lick drop work those abs suck in the belly keep your back flat on the ground till i'm floored [Music] seven single leg hold exercise keep tightening your abs and pressing your belly and back towards the ground we'll hold on one side for 15 seconds before switching three two one other leg [Music] almost there five seconds rest eighth arm reach twist exercise try our best to not round the back punch the abs for the balance [Music] ninth square plank exercise draw a square with your knee towards the elbows core and abs tight [Music] last one in this set before a long 20 seconds rest hang in there [Music] enjoy your 20 seconds rest and get ready for the third set sumo squad pals exercise licks wide apart in sumo squat stance we're doing 10 passes before standing back up [Music] eleventh drop lunch exercise both legs at 90 degree angle [Music] [Music] effort is a choice do it for your goals rest twelfth chair leg lift exercise sit the hip down and imaginary chair shift your weight to one leg and lift the other up knees together helping the balance hold for a few seconds and alternate legs [Music] 13th is courtesy to sign lunge exercise keep your chest up eyes looking to the front focus on working the glutes and the thighs [Music] without you everything is [Music] opposite side exercise last one but for 10 seconds rest [Music] but somehow it feels right we never get it right but it still feels right we never get it right but somehow it feels rest rest for 10 seconds and we'll begin our abstract again leg drop [Music] exercise enjoy the apps burn is what we're here for [Music] [Music] oh sixteenth single leg hold [Music] exercise [Music] stay determined whatever you want to achieve get after it [Music] seventeenth on reach twist [Music] exercise [Music] everybody rest 18 square plank exercise last one before 20 seconds rest you're smashing the workout strong and powerful wraps all the way till timer ends [Music] i love it rest enjoy the long rest of 20 seconds next we're back with half star reach [Music] exercise we're halfway through the workout we did not come so far to quit now or start slacking this is now the time to start pushing for your 100 percent rest twentieth opposite side [Music] exercise [Music] i've just [Music] 21st lunch cake exercise [Music] come on showed us those badass cakes you are unstoppable stay strong push through the fatigue you're stronger than you [Music] now i think it baby rest 23rd squat punch exercise keep up the great work 10 seconds rest after this [Music] challenge your body only 10 more seconds give yourself a few more reps [Music] rest and rest for 10 seconds we're getting down to the floor for leg drop [Music] exercise final round of abs let's get it sexy air blinds flat belly and slim ways we're coming for you [Music] 25th single leg drop [Music] exercise three two one switch leg ten seconds [Music] 26 arm reach twist exercise [Music] please don't give up [Music] five seconds rest 27 square plank exercise last abs exercise challenge yourself to draw the most beautiful square ever strong and in control [Music] 20 seconds rest but for our final final set in this workout sumo squat house [Music] exercise last five exercises let's [Music] maybe go you feel the way [Music] 29th drop lunch exercise [Music] drop those knees add in some speed it's a final round let's make it the best round [Music] rest 13th chair lick left exercise keep breathing focus on the balance sit lower to challenge [Music] yourself [Music] rest 31st curtsy to side lunge exercise go lower in each side lunge for more thigh and good burn say i'm as cold hearted as they come you'll think i'm slowly cutting my ties with you that i'm done [Music] change like exercise last exercise in this workout drive us all the way to the finish line [Music] and we're done such an amazing job you did today be proud of your determination and achievement keep up the great work and i'll see you again very soon – FULL BODY SHRED | Get Fit in 4 Weeks Challenge ~ Emi

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