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Full Body Weight Loss – 20 min No Jumping Cardio for Fat Burn ~ Emi

life goes by fast will it slow down we got older where did it go now back in time when all we had was you and me these memories do [Applause] today's workout is going to be a 20 minute full body cardio with no jumping but i promise it's going to be intense burning off a lot of calories and fat while being knee friendly each exercise 40 seconds with 10 seconds rest there will be longer rest in between sets first exercise sumo squat reach [Music] exercise squat until thighs are parallel to the floor chest up squeeze your glutes as you stand up [Music] we say we love we say [Music] [Applause] rest and second is lunch cake with punch exercise lunge your leg back in 90 degree angle then kick and punch hard strong start to this workout [Music] fall in love and tear it down as soon as we wake up tonight [Music] switch side [Music] exercise the burn in the lake is building up keep it going is what we're here for [Music] [Applause] 15 seconds [Music] rest fourth knee lift twist [Music] exercise tighten the abs work the side ups for the twist [Music] foreign [Applause] oh [Music] rest fifth inch worm like lips exercise walk your arms out into plank core tight keep your body stable lift one leg up at a time don't let your hips weigh from side to side [Music] we are more than halfway through off the first set [Applause] [Music] rest next shoulder tap and reach [Music] exercise again the key is to really work your inner core to minimize the movement of your hip strong plank stay in balance [Music] [Music] 10 seconds [Music] seventh lake drop hold [Music] exercise suck in your belly back flat on the ground lower one leg at a time to a few inches off the floor hold it there for one to two seconds [Music] the slow burn in the lower abs no pain no gain [Music] rest a dolphin to plank [Music] exercise push through your arms and shoulders into upside down v then back to plank appetite [Music] we are getting into playing code in three two one just hold it here head to ankle in one straight line last one after set we're getting longer rest in 10 seconds [Music] 15 seconds rest before our second set starting with knee and foot exercise crunch your abs and obliques for each rep [Music] [Music] [Music] foreign [Music] rest 10 other side [Music] exercise remember your goals what you want to achieve for yourself use that as your motivation and fire up this workout [Music] over again leave it all over again we gon break up then we make up act like we're gonna 11th ford and site lunch [Music] exercise we're not going for speed here stay in control focus on your form [Music] [Music] me rest 12th on the lake exercise 90 degrees for forward lunge and sit lower for side lunge while keeping your chest up don't slosh your back [Music] we are almost halfway through the second set [Music] squat household [Music] exercise half squat piles for four reps then go lower for four reps of full squat pulses alternate between the two for 20 seconds [Music] squat hold in three two one sit lower size parallel to the floor just stay here let it burn 10 seconds almost there [Music] crunch and extend [Music] the key is to keep sucking in your belly with back flag on the ground leaving no space in between extend your leg as you work the lower abs and crunch the upper abs as you bring your knee and torso up foreign [Music] [Music] rest mountain climber [Music] [Applause] exercise slow mountain climber for 20 seconds by bringing your knee across to reach opposite elbow then we're going fast after squeeze the abs get the burn three two one and we're speeding up running up all the way to the top of the mountain [Music] superman to hold exercise engage your back and squeeze the glutes to bring arms and legs up as high as possible up and down for 20 seconds and will stay in superman hold [Music] three two one just hold it in superman position we are not coming down until timer ends last one in the set before 20 seconds rest hang in there [Music] rest 20 seconds rest before our last round with only 5 seconds rest between each exercise so get ready to push for the final burn sumo squat reach [Music] exercise go go go stay focused let's make this the best round yet unpredictable [Music] [Music] like a hurricane rest 18 lunch cake and punch exercise strong punch and cake like a badass you can be whoever you want to be no one and nothing can stop you from your goals [Music] rest 19th other side 20 seconds you got this keep smashing this workout till the end [Music] i get this [Music] twentieth needless twist exercise keep up the good work you're absolutely killing it 15 seconds break after this [Music] uh rest 15 seconds rest before the final four exercises shoulder tap and reach [Music] exercise body stable and centered tighten the abs and core [Music] minimal hip movement we're so close to the end 15 seconds [Music] rest 20 seconds exercise mind over body is all about how badly we want it we can push through anything we're determined to make it happen [Music] meditation [Music] 10 seconds [Music] it's exactly what we want we're getting closer to our goals [Music] 15 seconds you got this keep going strong make every single rep worth your time [Music] 24 superman to hold exercise final exercise in this workout fly higher like the superman or superwoman you are [Applause] [Music] hold all the way to the finish line rest and we're done great achievement of the day your hard work and determination will get you to your goals don't give up stay consistent and i'll see you again very soon [Music] – Full Body Weight Loss – 20 min No Jumping Cardio for Fat Burn ~ Emi

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