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Full Body Yoga Stretch | Stress Relief & Improve Flexibility

hi guys welcome back today we'll be doing some yoga together so in this 10 minutes yoga session you can definitely relax your whole body if you have sore muscle or tight muscle it is perfect for you and it is also very good to improve your range of motion increase your circulation and also calm your mind down so this is my go-to wind down routine so all of these yoga pose are beginner friendly if you don't know yoga or you're not flexible enough completely okay nobody is a flexible in the first place so without further Ado let's go okay now get down on the floor sit on your heels lay your torso down and stretch your arms in front of you we are in child pose [Music] just close your eyes and slowly breathe in and breathe out [Music] now inhale slide forward gaze up to the sky shoulders down remember to tuck your elbows in towards your body [Music] chin up open your chest Towards the Sky remember don't squeeze up your shoulders [Music] exhale as you lift yourself up extend your arms and your legs we're in downward facing dog remember to keep your hips High chest towards the floor close your eyes and just breathe in and out foreign [Music] step forward keep your hands next to your feet if you cannot touch the floor completely okay just put your hands on your lower legs strengthen your spine put your shoulders back and open your chest [Music] foreign put your left leg back gaze up to the sky shoulders down open your chest hands touch the floor again remember don't squeeze up your shoulders [Music] now breathe in as you lift your torso up swing your arms up to the side and overhead we're going to hold this for 30 seconds [Music] now get down put your both knees on the mat walk your hands forward put your hips High lengthen your spine rest your forehead or your chin on the mat foreign [Music] put your left leg in between your hands gaze up shoulders down we're in lower lunge again [Music] thank you [Music] you know this one inhale lift yourself up arms above your head foreign [Music] now get down lie on your back hands touch your heels inhale lift your hips and chest up [Music] thank you [Music] now put yourself back on the floor use your right hand grabbing your left knees exhale turn to the right and inhale return back to Center and now we hold here for four breathings just close your eyes and softly Breathe In and Out [Music] okay now we have to do the opposite side [Music] now close your eyes and hold here for forward breathing foreign [Music] inhale lift your legs up in the air exhale put your knees towards your chest it is completely okay if you cannot keep your legs up in a straight line so just try to engage your thighs muscle and pull it towards you oh foreign [Music] foreign cross your leg reach your right arm up and overhead lean on to the left side inhale we turn back exhale press to the left and we hold here for few breaths [Music] foreign [Music] close your eyes hold here for few breaths [Music] [Applause] foreign [Music] next to your right hip right foot next to your left knees inhale release halfway exhale twist your body [Music] foreign other side [Music] now sit across your leg interlacing your hand and push up to the sky give your spine a nice stretch [Music] foreign [Music] thank you so much for watching and I hope you guys feel more relaxed after this if you have another extra 10 minutes definitely do another round this is super easy everyone can do it and you can do it at any time you know after you wake up after your workouts before you sleep anytime if you have that 10 minutes well as usual stay healthy stay fit take care of yourself I will see you guys in the next one bye foreign [Music]

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