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Get Abs in 21 DAYS | 12 Min Beginner Friendly Abs Workout, No Jump, No Equipment

Hello everyone, today I will be sharing with you a very effective exercise for perfect tightening of the abdominal muscles. This is exactly the exercise that helped me get 11-pack abs in just 30 days. I can actually see some visible results within 7 days. It is a very effective exercise. Well, Let's get started The first exercise will be a warm-up There are two very important things to note when doing Abs exercises for your abdominal muscles First, make sure you tighten and suck in your abdomen During these exercises you can suck in your abdomen and imagine that someone is on your face and hitting your abdomen hard It will naturally tighten your core, right? like that? Yes, that's exactly the feeling we want Secondly, make sure your lower back is in contact with the floor To achieve this, you need to adjust your pelvis to a neutral position, on top of your tummy tuck area In other words, you need to bisect your coccyx bone inwards to your lower abdomen and you can feel your back starting to press On the floor gradually Okay, let's start with abdominal exercises. Constantly remind yourself of the two things just mentioned. Lie on the floor, lift one leg toward the ceiling and bend the other leg. Reach the opposite knee using your elbow. For starters, you might consider resting one leg on the other as Shown in the upper right corner of this video Make sure to tighten your stomach and don't forget to breathe We need to follow a set of breathing here Exhale when you inhale, inhale when you relax Okay, let's move to the other side This exercise can effectively train the oblique muscles as It works to lower the muscles of your abdomen and legs. Exhale while sucking in, then inhale when you relax. Match your movements to the rhythm of your breathing. You can do this exercise at a slower pace. Make sure you perform all the exercises perfectly in order to get the best results. Bend at your chin, so as not to strain your neck, which Avoid neck pain The next exercise is the frog kick. Adjust your legs into a ā€œVā€ shape when kicking both legs. Keep the tip of your foot in contact with your body when you pull your legs. Beginners can do flutter kicks instead. Make sure your lower back is in contact with the floor by constantly contracting your stomach. If you relax, Your core muscles, your pelvis will be pulled outward when you extend your legs and therefore, your back will lift off the floor and cause lower back pain. Therefore, remember to tighten your abdomen to hold your hips in place which will prevent any back pain. It also targets your abdominal muscles better. Well, the exercise The third is the Russian twist exercise. Lift both legs off the ground. Twist your body and try to touch the ground behind your back, and the eyes follow your hands. For beginners, you can rest your legs on the ground. Tighten your torso and straighten your back during the process. This exercise is very effective for the side oblique muscles, so try performing this. Ideally, the next exercise is reverse push-ups. Be careful not to perform abdominal exercises using your abs instead of using your leg momentum. Tighten your torso as you raise your legs. Point your toes toward the ceiling. When you go down, press gently on the floor as you lower your legs. The more pressure on The farther the ground is from your body, the better results you get. The muscles of the middle region must be worked throughout the exercise, especially when you raise your legs up and when you press the ground a little. Pay attention to your breathing: exhale when your legs touch the ground, and inhale when you raise your legs up. Next is the side kicks. Let your upper body use your arms while extending the legs diagonally This exercise is effective for getting a slimmer waist and legs Don't hold your breath, always exhale when exerting and inhale when relaxing Now, let's move to the other side Make sure your stomach is tight throughout the exercise I know it's starting to get tired in Show up but keep going and don't give up believe in yourself, let's get this! Well, the next exercise is the plank with a lowered hip. Your buttocks should not be too high or too low. Stabilize your hips by tightening the muscles of the middle area and your back, to form a straight line with your body. Beginners can choose to do regular plank exercises. Tighten the muscles of the middle area at all times! At the same time, remember to breathe and do not hold your breath. This is very effective in helping us achieve these 11 abdominal muscles. It also helps to reduce the waist. The eighth exercise is the variable grip position exercise. Create a V shape using your body and thighs. Keep your feet off the ground, and the muscles of the middle area. Tight and keep the back straight throughout the process. If you cannot do this exercise, you can do it instead by pressing and pulling outward. This exercise effectively trains your abdominal muscles, especially the lower part. Be careful not to tighten your abdomen, especially when you extend your legs outward in order to Target the abdominal muscles better. Next, the ninth exercise is the side plank exercise with leg raises. The shoulders, hips and knees should be in one line. Engage the muscles of the middle region and tighten the glutes and your legs as well to perform this exercise. If this is too difficult, you can do an exercise Side Plank Hip Lift with Knee Bend Alternatively put your knees together and lift your hips off the floor using your midsection and glutes again, make sure your abs are tight Also make sure you're breathing Exhale when you lift your leg, and inhale when you lower your legs Let's move on On the other hand, in addition to training the oblique muscles, this exercise also helps in strengthening the legs and training the gluteal muscles. Tighten the muscles of the middle region and the gluteal muscles during this exercise. Exhale as you press it, and inhale when you return to the original position. Match your movement with your breathing pattern for only 10 seconds. Another until break time, let's do it together! Well, the next exercise is jumping on one leg with kicking on the leg. Notice that the heel of the supporting leg is raised, with the toes pressed.

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