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Get Beautiful Neck and Shoulders in 14 DAYS | Fix Posture and Relieve Pain!

Okay, let's move on to the next exercise. Bend your upper body forward, and bend your knees slightly. Place both hands behind your back and press down. Bend your chin and tighten your neck, and try to raise your head up, against pressure on your hands. This exercise will work on your neck muscles to fix the forward head position. Reduce Also from putting pressure on the traps, thus making the upper trapezius muscle look less bloated. We will then work on rotating the shoulders. Lie on a yoga mat or on your bed, keeping your hips perpendicular to the floor. You can rest your head on a pillow. Keep your upper arms tight to your rib cage. Open your arms. Your lower arms are perpendicular to your upper arms, until you reach the maximum. Therefore, you can perform this exercise with dumbbells or a water bottle. You should feel that your muscles around the shoulder blade are working. This exercise helps to straighten and stabilize the shoulder and improve the shape of the trapezius. The main focus of this exercise is that the lower part of Your arm should be perpendicular to your upper arms. Tighten the upper part of your arm and make sure that your body does not move. Okay, then let's move on to the sleeping stretching exercise. Your elbow and shoulder should form a straight line and your front arm is perpendicular to the floor. Grab your wrist with the other hand and move your arm toward The ground slowly extends to a level that is comfortable for you. Don't strain yourself now. Let's switch to the other side and rotate the shoulder again. This movement can stretch and strengthen the muscles that help move your shoulder toward the back. It also stabilizes the position of the shoulder blade. The reason for having overhead braces Tight, bump-like, or even slanted shoulder Aside from muscle strain, it is also commonly caused by a shift in the position of the shoulder blade (for example, shoulder contracture or forward lean), which is commonly known as winged shoulders. This causes the inside of the shoulder blades to protrude. Thus pushing the upper traps up and therefore, it is very important to correct the position of the scapula in order to relax the upper traps muscles. Now, we are going to lengthen the shoulder joint which is also very tight. This stretch or lengthening can help fix the winged scapula which in turn improves the rounded shoulders. , hunchbacks, and swollen upper traps Okay, we have planks Next, tighten your core, keep your butt high and make sure your body is in a straight line Challenge yourself to lift your legs instead if you can This exercise will work your back muscles to reduce the tension on your upper traps. This also improves the position of the shoulder blade, which will lead to the straightening of the upper triceps. Okay, let's sit down to stretch the levator scapulae muscle. If the muscle is very tight, the upper triceps will be lifted by the shoulder blades. Place your left arm behind your back, then tilt your right ear towards the right shoulder. Turn your head. To look at the back right side of the mat Press your head further with your right hand, and feel the stretch in the levator scapulae muscle Okay, move to the other side Place your right arm behind your back and tilt your left ear toward your left shoulder Turn your head to look diagonally to the left Back Press your head with With your left hand, do not press hard so that you do not exhaust yourself. Next, we have the angel pose exercise on the wall. Bend your knees and press your head, shoulders and lower back against the wall. Press your shoulder blades and move your arms up and down forcefully against the wall. In fact, the trapezius muscles have 3 components: the upper part of The shoulder and the middle and lower part of the inner area of the shoulder. The upper trapezius muscle is exposed to severe fatigue and swelling due to the lack of strength in the middle and lower trapezius muscle. This exercise can effectively strengthen these two muscles. Then after that, relax the upper trapezius muscle. You can raise your arms to halfway if you are unable to Lifting them fully Next, we will stretch the chest muscles Tight chest muscles cause problems such as rounded shoulders, shifting shoulder position and bulging triceps Place your right arm on the wall, with the elbow at shoulder height Draw the stomach in and chest out Take one step forward using the right leg while bending Shoulder blade You should feel a stretch in your chest muscles Okay, relax Repeat the exercise again, this time place your elbow higher than your shoulder on the wall Take a step forward using the same leg and tilt your body away from the wall You can feel the stretch in your chest minor Okay, relax your shoulders and let's move to the side The other elbow should not be lower than your shoulder Do not bend your shoulders, make sure to open your chest and squeeze your shoulder blades Okay, relax and then lift your right arm up When you bend forward, twist your body outward to feel the stretch in your chest Minor Excessive chest tension will cause roundness Shoulder, shoulder shift, swelling of the upper trapezius so we should do the stretches with repetitions Finally, let's massage the upper trapezius muscle I prefer to use the massage ball and lean against the wall to do this Lean against the wall like this and roll the massage ball into the tight area You can also do this against the door frame which will be Easier Okay, go to the other side and massage in the same way as before. This type of massage ball is very effective and easy to use. You can use it to massage your chest, back and shoulder muscles in the same way. Okay, that's all for today. I hope everyone looks more and more beautiful and healthy. See you again next week! See you soon!

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