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Getting My Face Tattooed! Eyebrows, Eyeliner & Hairline (+ Lash Lift)

I'm going to tell you guys what I got done on my face I want to be 100% honest with you guys in my videos you would never see me completely without makeup because I got my eyeliner in my brows tattoo maybe after two or three years if I don't do again then you can see my real look without any trace of makeup and I actually also got my hairline tattoo this time which also tell you guys a bit more about it but at the end of the video I also show you guys my lashes I did something called gel lashes I don't have any fake lashes extension or is not really perming I'll show you guys what I did for me they're actually life-changing because my eyes are monolith as you can tell my brows were almost non-existent so normally every day before I go out even just to work or to a workout I would just put a little bit of eyeliner and then have to draw my brows just to look more awake but now most of the days I don't need to do any makeup and save so much of my time and even if I do my makeup it makes it easier to apply because I can just draw according to like the shape I can just add eyeshadow without drawing anything so this is actually already my second time doing eyebrows and eyeliner tattoo the first time I did it was two years ago I did them at a different pace especially the eyeliner the shape or the color was not ideal most of the color actually faded away but at some point I had to do it again and about incest brows I thought I've given a try and this time around I blocked the whole process to show you guys because last time I did it I haven't started YouTube so now I'm leaving the office and on my way to princess crowd I actually try to dress nice search today for this video but look at my shoes I forgot to bring proper shoes again after my workout after my tattoo and so I ha grass so right now have no makeup and there's no more skipping as well they look good and successfully what I wanted so the previous time I did it before I actually had to do both my brows and my eyeliners twice to get the color to stay on I think for me the best thing is that it's not as painful and I only need to do it once and if you guys are wondering about the recovery process is pretty fast no makeup for a few days we're just completely fine because I didn't need it anyways next one is hairline restoration I talked about in my previous video before I've been having a bit of hair loss problems for a few years now actually I just feel like I'm always losing jungle I'll show you guys our before pictures especially the corners here getting thinner thinner so yeah I've been quite concerned about it I don't want to be bolts not balls it's beautiful so now I take the middle part I do not do it with you and restoration [Music] to be honest for me is the most painful of all I don't know maybe I have really little pain tolerance because they said that there are the clients they could escapes with a whole treatment and I was just screaming like a pig so you do have a very little paint color yeah next one is my lashes so this is me before as you can see my lashes are almost non-existent I'll show you guys non-existent lashes [Music] so the reason I prefer this to feel anxious extension is because I actually did it before when it starts to come off absolutely a few weeks it makes my own lashes fall off as well and you can already see I don't have that many hashes to begin with I'm gonna have no fashions and all this one since there's only my own lashes and actually help your lashes to grow as well throughout the whole process so I like it and the very last one is high food which I only tried it once supposed to help with lifting tightening and just making your face a bit more easier it's super comfy just like a very relaxing seho push we did what you told your hi everyone make it be [ __ ] that's it for this video I hope you guys liked it I'm not trying to encourage everyone to get your face tattooed but for me it's just my only experience I want to document it and share with you guys do you guys soon does not need to have this beta to no pain kill very sick as already oh yeah his eyelashes were super long all over the place bye [Music] No [Music] – Getting My Face Tattooed! Eyebrows, Eyeliner & Hairline (+ Lash Lift)

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