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Guided Meditation – Let Go of Stress & Anxiety: Deep Relaxation/ Peaceful Sleep/ Insomnia

in this meditation we'll focus on being present through our breath to relax the mind let go of tension and stress to find inner peace and stillness [Music] you can sit or lie down in a comfortable position support yourself with cushions and blankets if needed notice any sounds around you feel the surfaces that your body is touching [Music] take a deep inhale through your nose and exhale completely through the mouth with each breath you take release tightness and heaviness you're holding inside you [Applause] you are not controlled by your thoughts simply observe them allow them to come and go like waves on the surface of the ocean [Music] the thoughts will begin to quiet down as we sink deeper into a state of simply being that's where we find stillness soften your body breathe in to a count of four [Music] pause and breathe out fully to a count of six inhale one two three four pass exhale one two three four five six we are present [Music] now [Music] most things in life are out of our control [Music] it is up to us to decide whether we give permission to all these outer things and people that have the power to affect our emotions and peace [Music] rise above it it is your life and it is your choice to not let anything anyone take away your inner peace [Music] scan your body from head to toe notice any tension in any part of the body gently massage the areas in need of release with the tips of your fingers [Music] visualize breathing in light and tranquility let it fill up your whole body and breathing out darkness to release negative emotions stress anxiety worries and frustrations your mind will slowly follow your breath into complete relaxation and deep rest [Applause] [Music] sometimes things don't happen the way we want them to and that's just how life is [Music] every challenge we face is a blessing in [Music] disguise it is an opportunity for us to grow and every door that's closed will lead us to another opened door another path the path that the universe has in store for us [Music] slowly deepen your breath inhale and count to five exhale and count to seven [Music] breathe in one two three four five pause breathe out one two three four five 6 7 [Music] be still between breath [Music] [Applause] [Music] surrender completely [Music] let go of fear stress and anxiety [Music] know that worrying about the future or dwelling on the past won't change the situation this present moment of being a life in the world is what counts things don't happen to you they happen for you repeat it to yourself i am exactly where i'm supposed to be [Applause] [Music] we are at peace resting in harmony and stillness [Music] when you're ready slowly bring awareness back to your body allow focus and inner peace to guide you through the rest of your day remember that every breath you take is a new beginning that you can choose every action you take know that no matter what happens you can always come back here to find stillness and peace for yourself once again whenever you choose to – Guided Meditation – Let Go of Stress & Anxiety: Deep Relaxation/ Peaceful Sleep/ Insomnia

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