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Home Tour in Hong Kong before Moving + 50 questions with Emi

hi hi Emmy I'm here for a little home tour I'm going to ask you 50 questions are you ready yes I am I haven't done a house tour for this place yet I'm moving out soon so why not do it for memories right guys right guys what do you drink in the morning I always drink a glass of water I never drink coffee or tea actually how do you usually start your day I used to always look at my phone first thing and I'm trying to change that habit right now so now I start with a 30 to 60 Minute guide at meditation before I let myself look at my phone would you rather be a big fish in a small pond or a small fish in a big pond good question um I used to always think that I want to be a big fish in a small pond because it's an easier way to live but now I think no matter which Pond you end up in just keep swimming what do you listen to on Spotify these days um I just did aasa so I listen to a lot of iasa meditation music which a lot of my friends and family find weird um but sometimes I also listen to piano music and Disney music what's your current favorite TV show I don't really watch TV these days but reality shows used to be my beauty pleasure I love the kashian the challenge real healthwise vide when are you the most inspired when I meet other YouTubers and content creators and seeing how hardworking and creative they are and it motivate me to keep going as well what are the top three places on your travel bucket list India Mongolia and Argentina what are the three habits you want to achieve in your life first one is definitely look at my phone less the second is improve my focus and attention span and the third third one is to have a better balance with drinking just drink in moderation but also enjoy life what does a typical workday look like um I plan my content I look at my video editing with my team filming go to events photo shoots a lot of admin work as well expenses hiring oh like hiring me yep that's part of it how do you keep organized actually I'm very old school I like to write my to-do list on my schedule every single day and when I get things done I can cross it out and that's like my motivation to finish work ooh how did you learn English actually my English was really bad when I was 15 and 16 and I couldn't even properly introduce myself and then I realized how important English was so I start to read more and I watch a lot of American TV shows like the OC Gossip Girl and I imagine myself to be one of the characters in there and just f it to your make it how do you see yourself in 5 years I used to plan out my life with these exact goals like getting a bigger apartment car how many subscribers I want to get how much I earn all these external things but now I realize life doesn't always go the way you plan and now I just hope no matter what I'm doing I am proud of the person I've become and and just happy living life that's a good way to look at things quick what's your favorite karaoke song it's my favorite especially when I'm overseas and I want to show my friends this very traditional um Chinese [Music] [Laughter] song what would you tell your teenage self I think don't worry so much and you can be whoever and everything you want to be and don't let these traditional expectations of society limit what you can do in life what's your go-to breakfast oo these are my favorite I love the sweet potato smatched avocado poic toast cuz I don't eat that much bread um and banana pancakes oh your favorite and my favorite too oo that looks good do you prefer sweet or savory I've always love Savory my whole life um but as I grow up now I sometimes do enjoy a bit of sweet but I'm aware that sugar is really bad for you so I try to limit my sugar intake if you could only eat one Cuisine for the rest of your life what would it be definitely Chinese because there's a huge huge variety Sean Shanghai Beijing H and I just love Chinese food I never get tired of it what's something that makes you angry M I think when something is not fair or if I feel like I'm being taken advantage of but recently I Tred to not let it get the best of me and just chill out and use my meditation skills put it into practice and stop worrying about things that that are out of my control don't be no no no not for [Music] you what's your favorite hobby right now surprisingly the piano um I used to hate it so much when I saw a kid and my mom was forcing me to you know pass all these like exams and after I got to grade 8 I actually sold my piano and never touched it again that was like 13 years ago but last year I thought I want to pick it up again and now I just play whichever song I like and I really enjoy it and what's your favorite song right now is River Flows in You can you play me a [Music] little what's the best piece of advice you've ever received a friend told me before that she said you seem to be chasing all these external things and goals one after another but a lot of us haven't addressed this empty feeling inside of us and maybe you need to find happiness within yourself first and peace and what was the worst piece of advice that success is following this traditional path of of graduating before a certain age finding a job earning a certain amount of money getting married and all these external things that now I know I can let go of that's true how did you become a YouTuber actually I was working a full-time office job at the time but you know in an office job it's not that if you work harder you earn more and they just wouldn't give me the salary raise and I thought why not you know start making some videos on the side and it changed my life so everything happens for a reason thank God they didn't give me the celery race and what was the most challenging face in your YouTube career there was a period where I was getting a lot of negative comments and back then I was so upset about it I would cry every day and it took me some time to learn that you know all these comments they actually don't really affect my life and now after 6 years of being a YouTuber I naturally just forget about any negative comments like it doesn't stay in my mind do you prefer heels flats or sneakers actually when I'm in Hong Kong normally I wear sneakers because I drive and when I'm out of town sandals or foops do you cook I am very bad at it actually uh one time I tried to mix stick it was burnt on the outside Raw on the inside and I had to put it as a microwave to make it edible so I try to stay out of the kitchen what's your favorite drink um I normally go in between extreme like there was like seven years that I didn't drink and then during my party days I drink a lot and so I'm trying to learn to you know drink in moderation but my favorite is definitely wines what about any supplements do you take any oh I am obsessed with supplements in the morning I do lion's man nmn for anti-aging cops for endurance and energy and then at night I do vitamin C always for immunity gluten For Eyes collagen for the skin more hair sk – Home Tour in Hong Kong before Moving + 50 questions with Emi

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