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sirens and flashing lights in a Chinese line I'm pushing 925 just tryna get to the time we're supposed to be waiting with me nice colors by fastly slow down we got older when they free [Music] morning for me simple breakfast today expanded it yeah he said it doesn't know like where's the hollandaise [Music] [Music] and our hotel is actually right down the beach over there every day's entry life back [Music] [Music] here at the super cute little restaurant and guess what you guys you know I love mac and cheese and this restaurant is called mac and cheese talking about the healthy carrot juice and chat as always some milkshakes [Music] [Applause] [Music] just hold tight just put your foot in it okay come down let's put it in put it in so mine was a failure well now chat is all I'm doing super-good tingle it's mango with passion food and a lot of coconut milk yummy yummy almost done within what one or two minutes destroyed that to him sin Yahoo oh do you like to see yo ho Tama she can destroy all by herself I'm sure he had this suit as always I love my cheesecake and that's a nice brownie they for our biggest son gave Hotel oh oh I know it he's been obsessed with this word oh that's our next destination that we're going through tomorrow oh oh I love it so we just arrived in our new hotel we're only spending one night here yeah it's already 3:00 we didn't do anything today yeah we only ate breakfast where I had my warring with him fried egg breakfast and I had a traditional Sri Lankan curry with coconut repeat QE QE or D or D QE so today another thing we'll be doing much because we're quite tired today that's not what came up I am because she's scared because the sound of the wave was so loud and there's also sunder so I thought that tsunami was yesterday a driver told us about the tsunami that hit back in 2004 on Christmas Day the big one that you know killed 250,000 people it actually affected Sri Lanka as well and it was in the area that we are right now so I mean he's very skin now tsunamis through on the second storey building so even if there was a super it's right next to the beach okay there's no bees hi we're dead it's not that you don't know I don't even think that okay well anyways no other ones I saw in like the Japanese okay so now we're gonna go eat a bed and then walk around and we'll go back to the swing again he also wants photos of him during the swing when this guy's like purple with the Suns I wish didn't happen yesterday I also don't think I'll have some getting new yang zagonel or another convoy these are explained how are you I see if it's a front hangover hell of a bull [Music] [Music] so cute this place which is order a seafood platter and some Lobster and pro nonsense we decided to go big you know it's our last night so we're gonna make the most of it arrived some seafood I think that's love to calamari ponds chips and salad what's that one dessert has arrived pet order this chakra banana pancakes bananas inside really [Music] oh my god they're coming – HOW I STAY FIT ON VACATION + INSTAGRAM FAMOUS BEACH SWING!!! | SRI LANKA TRAVEL VLOG 2 (Unawatuna)

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