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How to GET ABS & Engage Your Core | FIX These Mistakes + Tips

Hello everyone and welcome back to my channel. You guys were very excited about my latest results video and I am still receiving messages about how to do the correct ways to do the exercise and also how to breathe correctly so in today's video I will tell you guys what to do and what not to do in abdominal exercises. It is really important. Knowing how to breathe correctly if you want to get those tight abdominal muscles and not bulging abdominal muscles before we start. Next, I will touch on some common mistakes first. But first, subscribe to the channel. Leave a comment below. If you start and get results, do not say, “Omgad, I didn’t get the exercises.” All of them, no more or less! You should train your abs at least 5 times a week and up to 7 times if that is possible for you. I mean, I get a lot of comments from people who say that you can't train your abs every day and you won't see results, but the truth is that our abs can handle the frequency. You need to train them. I know you didn't understand what I meant. I mean, if you see results from the first time, the muscles need training, so I did 3ab exercises recently, the last of which is the plank challenge, so I suggest you try to increase the plank challenge at least 5 to 6 times a week. It will really help you train your core muscles, and this will help you tighten your waist, so I already started doing it. Receiving a lot of comments from people who have been doing this for less than a week so thinking about adding this to your schedule. The second mistake is that you only do ab exercises. Look at it but if you want to get results you need to do full body training or exercise or resistance training and that is why my complete program has a full body workout and if you prefer resistance training you can do that. Also, all you have to do is add abdominal muscle exercises on top of that. Number 3 is that you are cheating on our reps. Don't be a cheat, guys. Don't do half the work. Don't be afraid to take a short break if you can't do it well. It's better for you to do 10 good reps than 100 reps. The last common mistake here is that some people do not know how to breathe correctly. Basically, when you breathe, breathe into your stomach, your stomach, not your chest, and when you breathe in your stomach, you can engage your heart better. You will get a lot of exercise. Now let's try it with some exercises. Here are 8 exercises I will show you guys today. The first is a plank. Here's what not to do. One of the most common mistakes is to arch your neck. Do not arch your neck or strain your neck. Your neck will also be painful, do not fully relax, and hang down or move your buttocks up, when the abdominal muscles and the internal transverse abdominus (ABDOMINIS) are not involved. Don't breathe a little or hold your breath! You will not be able to activate your heart much with just a few, meaning few, shallow breaths, or if you are holding your breath, you may feel dizzy. Here is how to do a good plank. Make sure to keep your long elbows directly under your shoulders. Squeeze your glutes together and squeeze your legs together so that you can focus all your energy. On your abdominal muscles and this will allow your abs to do most of the work. Now breathe through your diaphragm and your belly will swell. Open up 2 and you know what the diaphragm is. This will push the diaphragm down and create pressure in your heart. This will create core stability. Now exhale and exhale in Your stomach by pulling it in and pressing your abdominal muscles. And so you're going to engage your core to help you engage your core make sure you take a deep breath and don't hold your breath don't drop your hips down and you can do this by squeezing your glutes together and engaging your inner core meaning breathing this will create tension throughout your body to your butt so your spine stays The spine is neutral. This is why a plank with good breathing technique can be very good for your core strength because it trains you to engage your core. Tighten your waist area as well as the superficial part of your abdominal muscles. If you cannot do a low plank, you can do it on your knees first or on your back. Plank Make sure your spine stays neutral. When you are more advanced it can be done on your elbows. It is much harder on your elbows because your chest will not do as much work. You have to rely more on your abdominal muscles. Also, do not arch your back as if you would hurt your back. This is why some people have suffered from lower back pain from… Plank exercises. This is one of the plank challenge exercises. Just like the plank, make sure you don't press your back or hang your butts. Do this slowly and with control. To do this, take a deep breath while raising your leg behind you and exhale as you bring your leg in and squeeze your abs. This will work on your inner core and outer core at the same time. Unless we see the body, which is one of the exercises from my painting challenge, here is what you should avoid. Do not do it. Super fast. We are not competing here. And also don't cram it back up we're not trying to fight here guys to do this body saw is like breathing with a plank in and out while moving your feet back and forth this is a little trickier because you really need to focus all your energy on your core because your legs are moving so you need to make sure you keep your core tight So focus on correct breathing and squeeze your abdominal muscles and this will help you now Reverse exercises This is one of my favorite exercises that I love to do Don't use your arms or elbows to push your hips up. Also, do not use your hands to push your back up. Don't cheat guys don't do it super fast and make sure you raise your hips high enough. Don't do pathetic little lifts either, don't arch your back when you do this which is why some people get lower back pain from the exercise and don't forget to don't swing your legs – here's what you can do to improve your back crunch Press it back into the floor. Remember to take a deep breath and as you exhale, lift your hips off the floor using your core muscles and bring your s

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