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How To Stay Consistent – Day 14 Summer Shape Up Challenge

[Music] hi guys and welcome to a mindset training in the summer shape up challenge today i'm really excited because this is something a little bit different that i've been doing on my youtube channel but it's something that is predominantly in my app where i focus a lot on mindset training to help shift the women and the men really just you know switch how they look at exercise and lifestyle and make it more of a actual full-time plan instead of just a short intense session that they do so today for the mindset training what i really want to talk to you about is consistency and how you can actually keep the consistency going which i feel is perfect to speak about considering we're doing a challenge so i'm going to share with you the number one tip that i have and how i stay consistent and the reason and how i stay consistent is by sticking to schedules now there's multiple ways in which you can stick to a schedule you can physically write down a routine or you can mentally have a routine that begins to build up into a habit but for me that's the best way to stay consistent and on track if say you're starting a workout plan or you're starting a new journey into health and fitness so the one thing that i teach my girls in my app is i teach someone how to get a routine and we do that by doing the three hours which i've spoke about before but just to keep it really brief for this mindset training that we've got here today in the summer shape up challenge is when you create yourself a routine you want to make sure that you have a reward to go at the end of it so you kind of want to stick to something that's easy for you to do you set a time to do it and then you get a reward afterwards so let's take brushing our teeth for example it is a routine that is ingrained in us day and night it's something so easy for us to actually do and stick to because we've been doing it for so long it's a habit you get up in the morning you walk into the bathroom toothpaste on the toothbrush you brush your teeth that's the routine and the reward afterwards is you get nice shiny teeth and you get nice smelling breath afterwards it's just part and schedule of your day so you set a routine up which is the brushing in the teeth and you have the reward at the end it's very simple and you have a schedule that you stick to and you keep doing it and you keep doing it so with workouts that's how i kind of like to address it is i actually tell everyone to pick a time of the day to work out that could be the morning that could be the evening whatever fits around your routine now what you want to do is you want to kind of stick a time to go with and make that part of your routine and eventually it's going to end up becoming a habit so for me that's how it started i would always pick a time in the morning to get up i'd get out of bed go to the bathroom have some water and i'd work out fasted after that i'd eat and shower that become my routine and it was so ingrained to me that that's how i ended up staying so consistent with my workout schedule and was able to see results and the reward afterwards especially after i done my work is i felt great i had the endorphins going i felt strong i felt confident and that is what you want then you'll begin to start seeing the results afterwards which trust me again is going to motivate you to continue sticking with consistency and a plan so that's what i emphasize to you guys today is for you to actually stay consistent pick a routine pick a time to work out follow it through and then alongside that i really do advise following some type of schedule because trust me when you do a schedule like we're doing here we're doing this summer shape up challenge you have 30 days set out for you there's no thinking there's no guessing you just follow along you show up at the same time exactly what you're doing now and it's easy for you to stay consistent right so that's why i highly advice to you either create your own schedule yourself if that's something you guys would need help with let me know in the comments below say yes help us put together schedule that's something i can do a video on for you i can even do an email i could talk about it in the community let me know or you're basically worth going into an app like my fitness app and just picking a schedule to stick to there's so many programs you pick one you follow through and like i said you have your set time you have your routine your schedule and you show up so that is my top advice on how to stay consistent and i hope you found this helpful so that's it from me today i really want you to use this time especially as your rest day to recover do some stretches take some time for yourself self-care relax watch netflix have a bath whatever it might be just enjoy the time before we jump into another great workout tomorrow but that's it from me my loves hope you enjoyed this and we will be speaking and seeing each other very very soon tomorrow [Music]

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