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How We Started YouTube and Grew It to 1 Million Subscribers in 2 Years! ◆ Emi & Chad ◆

[Music] life goes by fast wait slow down we got older where did it go now so we're super excited to celebrate with you guys that will be changed very excited why going on at Rico why each people keeping me here so it's been such an amazing journey and such a crazy time these past two years I still remember when Emily first told me I'm gonna upload my first video if I get even a thousand views I'm gonna be so happy and like you've put them back like the hundred subscribers that's like my goal already and now winner is so crazy yeah baby I'm so proud of her we're super thankful to each one of you because without you guys we can't achieve any of this thank you everyone thank you ba blow the first video on April 12 2017 and so remember we're so nervous yeah okay and action okay hi my name is Henry no we are you too wait isn't it [Music] so it's been a crazy journey and now I even quit my job to become a full-time youtuber so a lot of you guys asked how if you guys want to start your own YouTube channels what's the best way to get started any tips on how you got started or how she was able to grow what do you have there's still a lot of room for my channel to grow and to improve but we have learned a lot throughout the past two years there are things that I wish I knew before I started but one the easiest to grow in the beginning is to create value and content that will be useful to your audience your first video is a blog like people don't even know who you are it's most likely they're not interested in your everyday life so that's a bit harder to start I would say value adding content plus stuff that you're passionate in yourself your audience you will be able to see that imagine if you see this video from a channel that you never heard before but it's something that's helpful to you it makes sense that you click into it there's also a chance that it was really helpful you will share with your family and friends when you think about whether attic content also don't force yourself to create content that you know nothing about or you don't even like it that's not going to last especially if you're like me you want to make this your career is something that you're going to do day to day for a long time if you don't even like it yourself it's not sustainable you don't necessarily have to teach people things but you've been sharing your own hobbies like if you like photography you can show people how you take photos or if you're into watches you can show people your watch collection alright you're very funny entertain people bring a smile to people's face hmm second one is be yourself don't put up with this energy which actually was something that I chuckle with because in the beginning I was doing workout videos you're supposed to be let's go guys you're supposed to be energetic in a workout video you can't be like next one is gone I don't feel like I need to present myself in a certain way that's why slowly as you guys saw on my channel I did a lot more at the videos is because I want to show Who I am as well I'm not just this person like every day I have any today let's work on that and a lot of time when I click subscribe to a YouTube channel is because I'd like that personality she's currently in love with Billy Irish and I think it's because that girl is very raw and real a new obsession used to be cutting me now it's business I am obsessed with people who are not afraid to be themselves don't try to pick something that you're not this is the real challenge third one is take a risk don't be afraid to try new things a lot of people with think or your fitness channel why do you do all these different things that are not relevant to fitness and you're eating all this food it's because that's our life and I don't want to be categorized as just a fitness channel there's a lot in my life I want to share now I would say if you look at my channel it is a lifestyle channel and a part of it is fitness at first I was quite scared to do other country because people subscribe to me for workout videos even now the views of my box not only not comparable to my workout videos but it doesn't mean how to stop trying and you never know there are some of my blogs and our lifestyle videos that also perform very well that's true just try different things your audience might not like it in the beginning but creating different type of content you also attract the pan type of audience for example one of the things that we tried to do was the milk bank videos and we try to do a lot of more food vlogs because not only do we enjoy that but we found that some of you guys really enjoy that as well so it was a risk at first and we was thinking like oh maybe it might not work out but it did in the end but we've also tried stuff which failed as well like we did one ASMR video which didn't no I mean no one on the work with gaming gaming which didn't do very well that's fine no problem I know that in the end what you like to do and what your audience like but don't keep trying forever with all the battles just try to find a balance so and we kept up with her core content for example I really wanted to do Cantonese videos I am a lot more fluent in Cantonese than English so it's more comfortable for me especially when I vlog but there's a huge risk my channel was in English and all of a sudden I became videos in another language right like I that's a big [ __ ] yeah I could potentially lose a lot of subscribers but I'm so glad I tried that I also got to connect with a lot of audience from for example Hong Kong so no regrets no it was number for consistency I always thought that super important actually for the past few years I've never miss a video I knew that I want to upload at least one video per week and so that's something I try my best to always work towards and that's something that I've been really impressed by her is her work ethic like she works literally all week weekend Saturday Sunday and to ensure that she gets out the content that she wants to and I think that's been a big factor in her success the way I look at it is from the beginning I knew that one day I want to try and make YouTube my career then if you want to make this your career you need to treat it like a job you have to do it professionally she has a schedule and she's very good with like time management and organization so that she knows I'm very impressed I think she has areas in which she would like to improve yet to be honest it was much harder in the beginning when I still had a full-time job and I was making videos at the workers office hours but I knew that key to grow especially on YouTube like in an online space if you're just starting or you're thinking about starting this out at least 10 videos that you wanna fit give yourself a schedule to really stick it up once you've made that list and you finish that list that's all be done and completed and uploaded then you can go and reassess you know how you did and whether or – How We Started YouTube and Grew It to 1 Million Subscribers in 2 Years! ◆ Emi & Chad ◆

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