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Indoor Walking – 20 mins – Day 8 Summer Shape Up Challenge

foreign [Music] okay guys let's get going with this indoor walking workout so obviously it is what it says on the tin we are going to be walking inside so if you guys feel that you want to move around your room move around your map move around your apartment or your house feel free to do so we've got one minute going walking getting that heart rate up a nice steady state cardio and then we're going to be going into one minute of some toning exercises so this is going to be fun i'm super excited and then i'm also just going to make it clear during the walking elements i will not be talking because no one wants to hear me for the whole minute while we're walking so just get lost in your own mind and let's just have fun [Music] okay guys we've got seven seconds and then we're going into toning okay so come down onto the floor we're going into a push-up now i'm going to be alternating here we're going to be on this if you want an easier modification you can come into your complete on your knees or if you want to take it to the next level go into an actual push-up position i do not feel comfortable still doing push-ups that's the one thing that i'm not keen on i was when i had eva but my arms aren't strong now all right guys you're halfway if you want to stretch out come back into it do it do it do it keep that core nice and tight not long left excellent back up to walking [Music] [Applause] keep going keep breathing keep that core contracted bring those knees up so we're going to be going in a sequence with the toning exercises gonna your upper body and go down that's how i like to do it [Music] nearly there 10 seconds [Music] okay onto tricep dip so you're going to be on the floor hands behind your bum you're going to come up into a crab position and you're going to drop it and come up now the aim with this is you don't want your bum to touch the floor like this where you're relaxing if you want to do that for a modification you're welcome to but ideally what we want to do is you just want to pump it build the burn in those triceps okay if you need to take a break hover shake those arms out bring it back breathe in cool tight and drop it down a minute if these is tough i know don't worry i struggle too all right have breather shake those arms out up and down [Music] excellent straight back into walking [Music] next one you're going to come down on your knees or you can stay standing we're just going to be doing some arm circles to begin we will be going forward to keep that core nice and sucked in glutes nice and firm we're just going to be rotating those arms in circles forward [Music] my screen's gone off so i can't remember what the exercises were all right guys get ready to reverse those circles and back [Music] straight back up into those walking [Music] i'm just going to be doing side to side abs here so i want you to keep your hips nice and central and neutral you want to be pushing the hips left right left right so you're basically just using that rib cage but i don't want you to flail your ribcage you want to tuck it in keep everything tight and we're just moving the upper body this is going to help to really work those ab muscles just have fun with it [Music] keep going not got long left keep breathing keep smiling and then back into the walks [Music] okay so for the next move you're going into three pulse crunches so i want you to come back on the floor and all i want you to do is come one two three and down so you can put your hands behind your legs to really get that crunch so one two three lift up one two three [Music] keep that core tight it's really good to use the back of the legs to really lift the upper half of your abs up exercise just be yourself and don't make me forget who you are [Music] give me your best shot in the dark your future [Music] so the next move you're going into is superman so i want you to be laying flat on the floor with your belly and all you're going to be doing is lifting the legs up with the arms so what you'd be doing is keeping that core contracted as you lift your entire body off the floor almost like you're floating your stomach is the only thing that's connected with the floor you're going to fill this in your glutes you're going to feel this in the lower back the upper back keep that core conducted though with your muscles because you don't want to just let it flop you want to use that again for extra stability supporting your back fantastic work [Music] keep going not long excellent exercise give me your best shot although [Music] just be yourself and don't make me [Music] you will be [Music] [Music] not long excellent so the next move that we're going into guys is some simple plie squats so you're going to come up and down so with the plie squats you want to make sure that your legs are wide and hip width apart your feet are at a diagonal you're not squatting back like this you're squatting down tucked in for a plie squat okay so keeping everything nice and connected imagine that you're just shooting straight down lifting that pelvic floor into your body keeping the ribs engaged not sticking the bottom out excellent keep going squeeze those glutes at the top and the thighs you really want to feel the connection through your body [Music] the exercise [Music] uh [Music] excellent the next move that you're going to be doing is standing side raises so you're going to be facing me i'm just going to be lifting one leg now don't twist your body like this i want you to try and keep it as stable as you can if that means your leg can only go up so far that's fine the purpose with this again is controlling with stability using the core and then just kicking the leg out to really target those side of the glutes here so we're going to do 25 seconds on one side and then 25 on the other keep breathing through if you need to hold on to a table a wall chair you're welcome to do so switch to the other side so you want to keep that foot as well flex not pointed i want to keep it flexed for this then we're going to go back into the walking great work guys keep going keep that core sucked in really feel it in the glutes side of your legs [Music] exercise [Music] okay so for the next move we're going to be doing leg circles so same thing as before legs straight out and you're just going to give me a circle going forward with that foot now again this is all about using control here of the abs using the core again though if you do need to hold on to anything totally welcome to do so just want you to give me circles going forward now reverse it going back that's it even i lose my balance sometimes on this one so don't worry okay guys straight out to the other side same movement same cues pick whatever side you want to go forward and then reverse it the other way going front now or back whatever you had in mind then we're going to back in to the final part of the walking okay get ready [Music] and let's [Music] [Music] my [Music] okay so for the

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