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Intense Full Ab Workout

everyone I'm Rebecca Louise and as you can see Harvey has been promoted he is on the chair so he is going to be helping us out getting our half today we got a super intense workout so make sure you stick around okay Harvey's ready to go alfie is ready to go so we're gonna be ready to go as well we have got 45 seconds of windmills so arms up the side who's been dropping down we've all done these before so we know what we're doing make sure those feet don't touch the ground I'm just gonna be putting off my arms out to the sides don't grip the ground use it as support so Harvey from up there now look are we doing it right are we doing it right like no we're not doing it right come on we can we can do better than this come on you got to go lower Harvey is telling you you've got to go lower we got to really work those ABS so the only going to fear I want you to go all the way down use those abs to bring you up again okay come on you've got this Alfie has got this club you've got this and now we have got this as well are you ready for those 25 pushes you're gonna feel it okay so hands to your legs she's 25 tuck that chin in or look up to the ceiling depending on how your neck feels that's it I'm breathe how you feeling homie how is it to be promoted to the chair he's doing a good job and now he's just sleeping oh just like how how he does come on keep it going we're gonna don't our next exercise he's give me one more okay legs up we're gonna be doing a scissors so across we've done flutter clips afore that up like this this is we're just gonna cross over for 45 seconds now will you get a good camera angle here on out BC is wearing his brightened rocks hoodie and that's from his grandma in England she bought them both matching her tears when she came over to visit me so and she's the one to blame for easy.you sexy when everything outfits that they're wearing I'm making this adorable they look like little toddlers it's like dropping them off at nursery Oh that's good I'll be like yes you can do it come on we can do it too come on few more seconds and let's go back to those critters now these curses are one of my favorite exercises to do because I can really feel my ABS working especially when I alternated with other arm exercises I can feel the burn in my belly yes I can I feel the burn Rebecca tell me you can feel the burn we've just got six exercises we've already done – it was four more to go give me one more post flip straight over onto your stomach we're gonna have no rest will be holding a plank for 45 seconds get comfortable and let's hold it there make sure your spine is nice and neat – I don't want your bottom sticking up in the air do one very similar like that a little bit later in this exercise so that this one I want to keep your spine nice and mutual don't zip it down keep it here now think about flexing your legs is going to take some of the pressure off your abs if it's really burning first thing about tucking in those ABS okay come on we can do this you got to keep working Alfie is working so hard look at him go it's really pushing himself today bobbies is watching on contently he's thinking we're doing an awesome job hold it for a few more seconds Emily's quick turnover got no time got no time 25 oh now can you feel it you should be really feeling the bird every time that we do one exercise but Endel be using these pistons to really feel the effect of our abs working come on we can do it how we doing Harvey are we doing a good job yes I think I've been there too yes Bob Alfie's now has nobody but you come back to bed okay next exercise they're both up in the air I'm into a touch reach up you can put your hands in front of you or if your neck hurts someone's mind strains a little bit just use your head to relax into your hands and squeeze up engage Wow look at you go Harvey and he's gonna jump Lenny jump yes you can good good job Bobby I think he thinks that the coaching that he's done is over he doesn't need any more help you're gonna just say well done to me thanks buddy hi hi oh this is this is lovely Pippin Oh keep it going guys oh just a few come Bobby you can probably smell uncle sweaty and grubs all right because I'm working out I'll put in here for Harvey okay we've got 25 questions let's go come on Harvey you're gonna sit on me 25 push – lets go and breathe oh that's lovely thanks Alvin come on let's go if your neck is hurting you can always just put it into your hands I don't want you to just using your hands to pull your head up engage those ABS come on you almost yeah we just got two exercises left up lift you should be really feeling the burn in those mushrooms one more okay flip it over again if I can change up and down up and down burning at the cabin loser so that's good new exercise for us all in our hands and our feet in position with the plank and we're going to pull a bottom up hold it there and then bring it back down squeeze those ABS every time but up in the air almost as if you're going into downward dog and as you come down no sink in the case so the idea is is that you hold it where you need to without sinking so just hold it here for a second and then bring that back into the air and breathe this is exercise number five it is two more to do after this and squeeze pull in those ABS feel it working are you ready fitting those crystals I know it's been burned 25 3 3 2 1 and over we go 25 push through oh my goodness I can feel the burn in my belly I could feel the burn Rebecca yes you can you must be out of theater guys they're not you've just got to push a little bit harder use those ABS think about someone punching you in the ABS as you squeeze don't use your arms to lift your head use your abs to bring your shoulders off the ground one more exercise left up with it so easy not really but we can do it last one let's go we're doing leg raises out to the side legs go up and then down locators up and down 45 seconds try your very best to keep that back flat on the floor I know it's difficult as you come down to the bottom but the more you squeeze the more you try and keep that back flat so better your results are gonna be oh my goodness I'm so hot it feels good again hormone adrenaline out I'm feeling muscle and getting energy and believe it or not when you exercise it does give you energy which think oh my god I'll go to the gym I'm gonna work out so much and you're gonna get exhausted well you know what you do get exhausted but it can use a brush afterwards it gives you for your genuine and energy to keep going ok bring it up with me one last time oh you guys there we got 25 we choose to do and it's take it away we pick these a little bit slower to make sure that we end on a real positive so lifting those shoulders off the ground using those pads to bring the shoulders and head up Oh Magda burning but they feel good it's so gonna be worth it in the end keep doing these workouts you really are going to be seeing the difference and just

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