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Knee Reach Plank – XFit Daily

now we're going to learn how to properly do a knee reach plank the first step is to come down to your elbows and your knees on the ground so put your palms face down right there and then go ahead and bring your knees off the ground and balance on the tip of your toes make sure your back and your shoulders are in proper alignment parallel with the ground now what you're going to do is you're going to take your right knee and bend it and reach outside your left elbow and now return to the starting position and now go ahead and do the opposite with your opposite knee and your opposite elbow once you get comfortable go ahead and pick up the tempo with that this exercise is going to be great for not only improving your core strength which is everything from your hips all the way to your shoulders but also with the rotation it's really going to strengthen tighten and tone your oblique muscles okay that's how you properly perform a knee reach plank

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