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hello hello hello guys welcome back so today we are just going to be doing a really quick simple video to help show you guys this really simple food hack that I teach in my coaching program that is going to help you guys literally go from thinking what should I be eating and what sizes to basically being able to take control and use it in a very simple way so this method that I use is called the hand it's called the hand method and this is just a really great way for people being able to portion control make sure that they're eating a right amount of their macros when they are going to Plate up their food now it's really great if you guys are one of these people that is able to measure out their food and track Etc but if you're someone that a doesn't enjoy tracking their food or B just doesn't have the time this is a really great way for you to eyeball what's on your plate and make sure that you're getting enough of those macros so let's just dive into exactly what that is so let's dive in first of all with protein now as we know protein is absolutely King in the diet and it's something that I make sure I try and push my girls to make sure that they're having enough of the reason being is because protein has so many benefits to including in your diet it helps with weight loss it helps with weight management and it helps to build up that lean muscle mass and helps you really sculpt the muscles grow them and help you also recover and repair any damage in the muscles so we always want to make sure that every single meal and snack includes a pro protein in there because it's going to help to contribute to these factors so when we are saying eat protein you might be wondering how much protein should I be adding so what you want to make sure is protein is always the size of your palm so I'm talking this size this is how big you want the protein source to be on your plate that you're eating so that could be the size of chicken it can be tuna it can be cottage cheese eggs whatever it might be you want to make sure there's always this side and again it's just a really quick easy reference to be like okay is the protein about this size on my plate now again that doesn't obviously add up if you're having like protein shakes because you just use a powder so ignore it in that sense but in general you want to make sure that the protein is always the size of your palm moving on to carbs carbs are so important and it really gets so upset when girls think that they should be on low carb diets or they shouldn't be consuming enough of it you need carbs in your diet ladies and gentlemen you need it because it's such a great energy source and it's a great source of fiber and 5 but as we know helps the digestion track it helps get rid of bloating and again it helps with energy to make sure that you have enough substantial energy throughout the day to do your workouts move Etc and give the muscles the fuel it needs so please make sure first of all you are consuming the carbs of course we want to avoid the processed carbs anything like white bread right pasta cakes biscuits those type of things and we want to make sure that we are consuming the great carb sauces which again will include things like brown Rice Eccles bread whole wheat sweet potato those are the type of carbs that you want to be reaching for in your diet and there are so many various ways that you can include it in there too my absolute favorite is sweet potato and rice absolutely love those things so those are the ones I want you to stick to now in terms of portion sizes what kind of size should you be going for the rule here is you want to be having a fistful so you want to make sure that it's around this size it's a fistful that you can grab around this size that should be the amount of carbs that are on your plate again a very easy system that you guys can follow now again say we're looking at like bread or we're looking at a wrap and just eat one slice of bread or two slices and then have a wrap that's fine I'm just talking more in general if you're going to have like rice or potato beans those type of carbs that's when you want it to be this side or if you say reaching for like berries or bananas or something you just want to make sure that it's around this side so that's what you're looking you're looking for carbs next let's go on to one of the other favorites which are fats again please don't avoid fats I know there's this misconceptional fat to make you fat it does not your body needs healthy fats because it's going to help with the skin hair and nails it's going to really help you ladies with your hormone balances we always want to make sure we're consuming enough fats and again it's vital for our organs and it's vital for ourselves we want to make sure that we're consuming enough healthy fat now one of the rule of thumbs I like to follow in the hand method is you want fats to be the size of your thumb now I'm not talking about fats when you are cooking let's be serious I'm not going to ask you to stand there and measure out thumb sizes of your oils when you are cooking or butter I'm just saying when you put it on your plate like peanut butter Etc which normally adds out to be like one big tablespoon so that's the general rule of thumb that you want to follow there and then the final one is veggies now in this method that I teach I always do say to the ladies to make sure that they do take a preference when they are having vegetables and the preference needs to be leaning more to towards green leafy vegetables why because there are so many great benefits to taking them one of the big elements again is that it's got high levels of vitamin C which is going to help fight infection help the white blood cells so we want to make sure that we are consuming enough of that and helping with digestion my personal favorite to make sure that I'm including in my diet of leafy greens is always spinach or kale you can add cabbage in there too broccoli so many great vegetables that you can include so that's what I would say and advice to you is always make sure that you're going for that as the preference but again you want to make sure that you're consuming around A Fistful of this as well so those are really easy methods for you to follow remember protein harm carbs veggies fist fats thumb a very simple method for you guys to use when you're on the go if you're at work you're out for dinner or like I said if you're at home and you don't want to stand and measuring things you can literally just use this method to eyeball everything and make sure the portions are fitting to your sizes remember you want to always make sure that you're prioritizing protein how have it as snack have it in those three meals a day to help make you feel Fuller for longer help with muscle growth help with repairing and you guys are going to see such an amazing difference so let me know in the comments below when you start using this what difference do you

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