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Miley Cyrus Workout: Sexy Legs

everyone my name is Rebecca Louise today on X here we are going to be working to get those Miley Cyrus legs okay so really toning up we're going to be working the carves the quads the hamstrings a little bit on our glutes as well we we see Miley Cyrus and those tiny little shorts and today you gonna be out of where these tiny little shorts – if you keep doing this workout well you leave loads of exercises when you're do than 50 times each seems like a lot but I'm gonna be helping you count them down and the more you count down the better your legs are gonna look so we're gonna start with 50 alternating lunges okay it might seem a lot but we're not going to be doing any cardio in this workout video so just keep breathing we're gonna be also burning calories too but the main point of this workout is to be toning up those legs now when you do a lunge or use make it nice and big we're gonna make sure that that knee doesn't go over the toe okay now you're gonna count down with me we've probably done about another 15 20 so far I've got my hand it's trusty counted by my side there's helping me and you along the way so if they mark up I'm a cup which means you muck up oh okay keep it going okay we've got 50 of these we're taking into some squats we'll smother leg raises to some car phrases all super exciting stuff oh you should be able to feel the burn already now you can do 25 lunches on each leg is 25 on the other but today we're just gonna keep alternating keep exciting okay great start everybody you should be able to feel the burn in your legs ouch I keep watching that me doesn't go over the toe tend to go oh girl it's good to see that ten there's my legs are burning great job five four three two and give me one more okay keep those legs a little bit of a shake now we're going to plie squat so we have a leg slightly wider and our toes pointing out to the sides about 45 degrees okay that's got 50 going down again make sure that when you go down your knees and not going over your toes and as you do a squat you always think about sitting down in a chair now a great way to get a good booty is squats we're also working our quads okay it's front master another legs okay keep it going everybody hold on you're working all the way through to the end of this workout I want to see the dedication great job and breathe in nice and really try and put that booty out to the back squat nice and low the deed for the squat no more is going to benefit those glutes keep it going I reckon you're over halfway oh that feels good there's no name you're over halfway and this is a great exercise you can do while you're watching the TV or brushing your teeth I always do squats so I'm brushing my teeth see just like this nice and easy that's it keep it going try and get those knees to go out to the side we always want to make sure that our knees don't lock in okay the next thing on our agenda I mean they go back into lunges we're going to take it out to the side ten to go that's it keep going keep squeezing those glutes as you get to the top okay bye three come on give me two more maybe this last one can squeeze and you get to the top okay again give those legs a little bit of a wiggle and we go take it out to the side just to be really feeling them a little bit like jelly now so we've got 15 just going out to the side so just a slight lunge okay how you legs feeling everybody they should be burning remember if you don't feel the burn then you're not working hard enough okay and breathe now if you do need to at any time press pause and go and get some water we want to keep trying to make our body move in through this whole workout video cause that's all gonna really benefit getting toned up and using our muscles to the max you're doing awesome but no one's given up just yet forever – iris doesn't just get legs I'm doing nothing she's always working out quite read our blogs and our Twitter she works as he does loads of yoga loads of squats and lays the lunges and that's what we're gonna be doing today you all ready let's do the way there that's it come on keep it going feel the burn in those legs here we are we're working out our quads and hamstrings hair take you swimming now we should be doing really well we're definitely over halfway on these lunges in fact we've got 10 to go can't we be the last one eight six all the way come on last one and release whoo okay we're gonna keep up standing my legs are feeling a little bit like this how are y'all feeling I would swing to lift up to the side we do 25 out to one side and 25 to the other okay so you really are using your quads here if you squeeze your glutes at the same time you're gonna be getting an extra an extra added butt workout in whoo if you start to really feel it in your calves they should be tightening up too it's good job Boone or 25 my hate snake which you can really start to feel that burn it's all the impact is just on one leg I fast you you almost there huh before we have to turn to the other leg okay five four come on squeeze three two now one less trail to the other side no rest now because we're also just on one leg we are using the balance as well so think about engaging your core we're gonna focus on one point I'm focusing on you guys at home that's gonna help me keep my balance maybe you guys at home focus on me and I focus on you we're great with me standing up to and working out those legs oh okay keep it going should be sweating you should be burning 10th that's it squeeze those glutes as you get to the top of the pool keep going 5 4 3 2 and the last one who and Belize okay it's gonna give you a quick stretch in between I'm just wanting to bring one leg in front of the other and just pull up here just lean over or you can also grab your toe just gonna hold it here for a few seconds so it's good if you are feeling super tight just to stretch out let's go on to the other one and now guess what's coming we've got 15 more squats but we're gonna do it with our legs facing forward okay so we've got 50 remember last time we put them out to the side so we're using different muscles here we're gonna be using the inside and our quads here now this one is particularly good for your booty good for the legs as well but remember you're gonna be wearing tiny little shots when I keep that butt nice and toned okay really just think about sitting back in that chair if you've got a chair at home that can sometimes help you just by going down you're almost touching it and then coming back up again whew this exercise you can do whatever you could be waiting for a bus you could be on a bus oh that's it feel the burn in those legs guys and when you come to the top give me a little squeeze in those loops it's gonna really engage those muscles in working [Music] okay you should be feeling tight your legs should be burning but it means it's working okay so keep it going we want to work all the way to the end of this exercise video case we know what aid y

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