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My Daily 5-Minute Abs & Flat Belly Workout | Beginner Friendly, No Equipment!

Hello, today we are going to exercise your abdominal muscles to help you achieve the “vest line” It only takes 5 minutes and you will see the changes in 1-2 weeks First, lie on the floor with your waist on the floor Keep your toes together Next, we are going to raise your legs when You put your legs down. You need to fully engage your waist and abdominal muscles to fix your pelvis in place and prevent it from moving. Make sure you do not arch your back. It can train your abdominal muscles and prevent back pain but if you arch your back at first, that's normal since you lack abdominal muscle strength. All we need to do is practice more and you will slowly get better too. Breathing when lowering your legs is when you feel the hardest exhaling like a puff. Candle When you raise your leg, inhale through your nose. Next movement: Sit upright on the floor. Move your feet as if you were walking. Engage your core. Imagine pulling your belly button toward your spine. Having a straight back can train our core very well, especially our abdominal muscles, we must keep in mind that the core is not only the abdominal muscles but also includes other major muscle groups such as the pelvic floor, back and hips Now, let's lie down and do the scissors, keep your back on the floor And lower your legs slowly, you will feel more tired when you lower your legs down, and the lower you go, the more you want to arch your back. Hold at the point where you can stand and where your back can still be on the ground for 10 seconds. Raise your legs when you can't hold them anymore. Repeat this when you are exhausted, keep in mind to exhale through the mouth, instead of inhaling, this exercise is very effective for slimming our waist and abs especially for our lower abs, so let's keep going! Next movement, let's lift the hips and legs up, engage your core when raising the hips and the mouth should exhale like blowing out a candle When lowering your hips, inhale when lowering your legs, keep your pelvis stable do not tilt it forward In other words, do not arch your back, always engage your core and keep your back Close to the floor so that we can fully train our abdominal muscles and prevent back pain, let's rest for 10 seconds. In a straight line, do not arch up or hang from your hips. Tighten your core muscles, which are the pelvic floor muscles in the abdomen. Our back and hips should also be tightened. Remember to breathe, do not hold them. Deep abs are very effective in slimming your waist and abs so don't give up! Keep going! Let's do side crunches. Straighten your upper body. Breathe through your mouth when you crunch. Inhale when you return to the starting position. Spread your legs as much as possible when extending them out. Guys are doing a great job! One more exercise and we're done, keep it up guys! Keep going! Now, let's move to the other side and do the same tightening for your torso, especially your abdominal muscles. To get a better exercise result, tighten your abdominal muscles, especially your abdominal muscles. You should be able to feel your stomach and oblique muscles. This is the last move in today's workout, we're almost done Don't give up! Well, we're done! Isn't it easier to stick to it for 5 minutes? I'll see you in the next video, bye

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