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Quick 5 Min Stretch & Cooldown

This is a routine to calm and stretch the muscles for only 5 minutes. You can do this routine after exercising the lower part of the body (legs and buttocks). It is very important to stretch and calm your muscles in order to rest and reduce the risk of cramps and soreness in your muscles. And let’s begin. On the mat with your knees slightly apart, bring yourself back into Child's Pose, and stay in this position for 40 seconds. This helps stretch and calm the area around your hips and back. Slowly, get into the pigeon position, with one leg facing underneath and the knees bent, and stay in this position for 40 seconds. This helps to stretch the muscles of the hips, as well as the thighs, your back, the buttocks, and the piriformis muscles. Then raise your leg towards you, while twisting it slightly. And move forward. This will help calm the thigh muscles. Breathe deeply. Now we will do the same thing on the other side and enter the pigeon position for 40 seconds. Same as the previous movement. Raise your leg toward you, while twisting slightly and reaching forward. Now we will move to the hamstring stretch. Enter. Sitting position, with one leg folded and the other extended, bend yourself forward as much as you can, and if you are very able and bend, place your hands on your ankles. Everyone's flexibility is different, so the more you stretch your muscles, the more flexible you will become over time. We repeat the same thing on the other side for 40 seconds. Well, now lie flat on the floor and bring your ankle over the other knee, and put your hands under your knee, and we do the supine pigeon movement. This helps to relax and stretch the buttocks. Let us repeat the same thing on On the other hand, we are done with this quick cool-down and leg stretching routine, and this is the cool-down routine, guys! Don't forget to stretch and take cool-down periods after the exercises, and I will see you my friends in the next exercise, bye! Bye!

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