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Quick & Effective Warm Up Routine

Hello guys! These are quick warm-up exercises for the whole body, lasting 5 minutes. You can do this routine before any exercise session for any of my programs on my website at Chloeting.com. We have 10 exercises without rest times. Sit on the mat and let’s start moving the leg circles when You are on your knees. Draw a circle using one of your knees. Start drawing the circle small, then make it wider. Now draw those circles in the opposite direction. We will repeat the same exercise on the second leg. This exercise will help engage your legs and the flexor muscles in your thighs. Now draw those circles in the opposite direction. Stand up straight, legs shoulder-width apart. Squat and raise your leg towards your opposite hand and hit, then do the squat again. And repeat on the other side. This exercise will help raise your kick rate and engage your glutes, hamstrings, and thigh flexors. Start from the left end of the mat, move in a jump to the right, raise your left hand to the inverted side, then return to the other side and repeat. Give the arm muscles and The back is well exercised. Now, do the lunges in a bent way and while doing, bring your hands in this way. Easy and beautiful. This will help engage the muscles of your legs, arms and back. Let's do a high plank, raise your butt high like a dog curl, then bring one of your feet to the side, then bring it in and repeat on the other side. Great job! Now stand up straight and we will do lunges with a lunge on the sides while placing your hands straight facing the ground. Try to get down as low as possible. Stand straight with your legs apart, and we will tap the feet with the inverted feet touching. If you are able, try to increase the speed if you can because we are almost done with this exercise. Stand up straight, and start doing kicks with the butt slowly, and while doing them, your hands make circular movements for the arms. The last exercise! We have jumps with a crossover. Raise one of your feet to the side and while bringing your hands in and out. If you are able and strong, work with a high-impact movement and do jumps. These are the warm-up exercises, my dears! You will be ready to go to the following exercises. Rest assured because you Push yourself to finish the video and exercises, but do not always forget that it is normal to take rest periods and do easy movements. We will see what some of them are in the next exercise! Goodbye!

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