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SLIM ARMS & UPPER BODY IN 20 DAYS! 10 min Beginner Friendly Home Workout ~ Emi

*music* Hi femilys, in the past few months, We did slim legs in 20 days and abbs in 20 days And now it's time to complete this whole series with a slim arms at upper body in 20 days workout Will be burning fat and targeting the stuff an area like the arm flab and the back fat with both cardio and Also specific exercises that isolate these parts Effectively slim down our arms and also a whole upper body in general This workout is beginner friendly, so don't worry If you cut to a push-up you can still get this workout done and make the progress you want. Before we start the workout, with Christmas right around the corner I want to introduce this super awesome Christmas gifts option for you and your loved ones. Ta da da da ! It's the GLYCEL Festive Glamour Skin Revival Set, There are seven products in the set, which are originally from Switzerland so as the perfect couple to try out of range of plastic products and one go this Christmas. 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If you're interested in this GLACEL Christmas set, You can now click the link in the description box below is not available for purchase with only limited quantities So go go go ! And if you're ready for the workout, let's also go go go! *music* First exercise we're starting with prayer reach to warm up our arms and upper body and get the burn started *Bip bip bip* Palms together Reaching up pulling a torso tall and then pointing down keep your core tight We're also working up in ABS here put in more force in each breath. You should start to feel the burn *Voice* 30 seconds *Voice* 20 seconds Use this time to remind yourself off your goals what you want to achieve with this workout and how the effort you put in today Will get you one step closer to those goals *motivating music* *Bip bip bip* Breaks for 15 seconds Next one is jumping jack an effective combo of cardio to burn fat while targeting our arms and core *Bip bip bip* Jump your feet out bring your arms together with a clap then arms down feet together *music* Keep hopping ! the more you push yourself here, the more fat you burn let's get rid of the stubborn arm flab make a commitment to yourself that we're giving a 100% in this workout *music* *Bip bip bip* Third exercise is arm circles with palms facing up. Look easy, well wait for the burn *Bip bip bip* Rotate your arms in circles for 22 seconds and switch directions. Our pants are facing up and the whole exercise We're not slacking put in power into each rotation Enjoy the burn Three, two, one, Switch if even checked him the energetic and has countdown today. You can be energetic too. Let's kill this workout ! *music* *Bip bip bip* Fourth exercise is wide clap jump, one of the best exercises to burn on fat combining cardio, arms and upper body slimming movement for the maximum results *Bip bip bip* Hop up and down by alternating your feet front and back as you open your arms as wide and back as possible Squeezing your shoulder blades and back then closing them with a clap *music* Jump faster ! Clap harder ! Make the burn count ! If you feel like you're out of breath, great ! because this is how we burn the fat keep going ! *Bip bip bip* And we're on to a fifth exercise already shoulder circles *Bip bip bip* Elbows bent, fingers on your shoulders do rotating forward for 22 seconds and switch direction This looks easy like the arm circle, but you're going to feel a whole different kind of burn in your upper body Trust the process and let the movements do the work ! Three Two One Switch You're doing great so far we're almost halfway through *Bip bip bip* Six exercise is knee raise clap to keep the burn going *Bip bip bip* Arms together as you hop your feet, then raise one knee up and clap your arms under your knee, alternate between sides More power and more force in the arms you get what you get So put in the work for the results that you want to see. This is the last jumping exercise in this workout Push it for the fat burn ! *Bip bip bip* Good job ! Seven exercise is wing fly to the side *Bip bip bip* Then forward backflip keeping a slight bend in the knees Hands in fist, lift your arms to the side while squeezing your shoulder blades Your fists will be facing down and this complete one rep. Repeat for 45 seconds The burn in the arms, back and core up getting more intense. It means we're doing it right. Keep lifting ! *Bip bip bip* Seven down only three more to go. Eighth exercise, let's get down to the floor for slow shoulder tap working not just our arms and shoulders but also our whole core *Bip bip bip* Get into high plank position, then slowly transfer your weight onto one arm lifting the other arm up to tap the opposite shoulder Alternate sides the key here is to hold your core tight and try your best not to move your head from side to side too much You're feeling the burn in your whole upper body, especially the arms ? That's exactly what we want ! So keep going until timer is up ! *Bip bip bip* Ninth exercise is knee push up child pose *Bip bip bip* Hands under your shoulder, knees on the floor, bend your elbows and lower your body keeping your back flat as you draw shoulder blades back and down with elbows tucked close to your body in 90 degree angle as you push yourself back up Set your hip back onto your heels ending in child pose. This is one wrap Go straight back down to another knee push up ! Slow and controlled, make sure your push up form is correct. We're very close to the end. Give me a few more reps *Bip bip bip* And a final exercise off this workout is 4 point plank. The ultimate burn to end this workout with the bang *Bip bip bip* In tabletop position with hands under shoulders hip and knees forming 90 degree angles lifting your knees a few inches off the floor So only our toes and our hands are on the floor supporting our body out with four points The key here is to hold your core tight keeping your whole body in 90 degree angles without ruining the form You can see that my back is flat. My knees are not too high up It's tougher than it looks I know but no pain. No gain. Give me all you got for these last few seconds *B – SLIM ARMS & UPPER BODY IN 20 DAYS! 10 min Beginner Friendly Home Workout ~ Emi

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