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SLIM LEGS + BURN FAT: 30 Best Exercises in 15 min TABATA (Results in 2 Weeks) ◆ Emi ◆

Hello everyone, my name is Emi. Two weeks ago I posted a 15-minute exercise video with 30 types of abdominal muscle training. Many people asked for a leg training version! So, this is the leg training video you want. Because if you do the same exercise every day, your body will slowly get used to it and the exercise will become less and less effective. So I filmed 30 kinds of leg training exercises for you! These exercises will allow you to practice different parts of the legs, and they will also be practiced at different angles. They will practice the inner thighs, outer thighs, quadriceps, hamstrings, buttocks, and calves. They will help you burn fat and give you Beautiful shape. This exercise will be done with Tabata pose for 20 seconds and rest for 10 seconds. Are you ready? let's start! 15 minutes, 30 kinds of leg training exercises, 20 seconds of exercise, 10 seconds of rest. Some people say that I talk too much in exercise videos, but today I will try to reduce it! Let you enjoy the music. The first exercise is called knee high jump. You need to warm up and prepare to burn fat. The faster and higher you jump, the more calories you will burn. Get a good start! The second exercise is called Glute Bridge. To practice the buttocks and buttocks, the buttocks should be tightened and then the waist should be raised. This is the most effective. The third exercise is called half burpee. This is an aerobic exercise. It will also train the leg jump well. Don’t stop. ! Another 10 seconds and you can! To adhere! It’s great. The fourth exercise is called side single leg raise. It will train the thighs. First practice the left leg without touching the floor. To maintain the tension of the thigh, for the fifth exercise, switch to the right leg and lift it to the highest level. , your thighs may be sore. The sixth exercise you need to do is to stand up. This is air squatting. This is a good exercise for the legs, buttocks and abdominal muscles. It will also burn fat. Remember to keep your chest as straight as possible and squat until your thighs are connected to the floor. The parallel ones have really trained the legs, especially the thighs! Let’s move on, the next exercise is called Staggered Squat Jumps Jump higher, jump faster, this is the way to burn fat and make your body slimmer! You can’t stop before the 30 seconds are over! The eighth exercise is called curtsy lunge. Bend your legs at 90 degrees and keep your chest straight (to help you maintain balance). You are doing great, keep up the good work! The ninth exercise is called single-leg deadlift. We first practice the left center to be stable, use the left leg to balance, and tighten the buttocks when standing up. The tenth exercise is also a single-leg deadlift, but let’s practice the three-point exercise of the right leg. One is already done, already made it this far, can’t give up! The next exercise is the front lunge. The chest should be straight, and the legs should be bent at 90 degrees when going down. Let's do the twelfth exercise together to take our exercise to the next level. The lunge jump will not only train the legs, but also the whole body. Burn fat! Challenge yourself to keep jumping. Don't stop feeling tired or sore. It's all good. It means your body is moving and you are getting closer to your goal. I don't want anyone to give up at this time. Believe that you are fine. , lie down again, the thirteenth exercise is the unilateral hip bridge. We first practice the right thigh. When raising the right thigh, the buttocks must also be tightened, especially the thigh. The fourteenth exercise is the left unilateral hip bridge. The fifteenth exercise is coming. A very high-intensity thigh exercise, sumo-style squat jumps. If you can’t stand up and continue to jump, prove to yourself that you can complete this exercise. Such perseverance will make you successful. It’s great. Half of the exercise is completed. Chapter 16 This exercise will make your legs slimmer. Side lunges. First practice the right buttocks and put the weight of the body on the right leg. The seventeenth exercise is the same, but practice the left leg! The secret is to use your abdominal muscles to keep your chest in a straight position, don't lean forward. The eighteenth exercise is very good at burning fat. I know you love and hate this groin training, but there is nothing to gain for nothing. Try to jump as fast as possible, and don't think too much. More, come on, soreness means usefulness and success! Even if it feels difficult, we insist on completing the task. The nineteenth exercise is called donkey kick. First practice tightening the right leg buttocks. Kick the right leg up for 20 seconds without letting the right leg touch the floor. The tension of the muscles must be maintained to make the movement more efficient. The twentieth effective exercise, two-thirds of the donkey kicking exercise with the left leg has been completed and is almost over! The twenty-first exercise is called Squat Hold. Look forward, keep your chest straight, and move your butt back so that your thighs are parallel to the floor. Maintain this position. You cannot stand up or sit down. If you want to make your legs thinner, you must work harder! Very good, the 22nd exercise is called the inner leg raise. Let’s practice the right leg first. The right thigh needs to move up and down. It will definitely hurt. The right leg cannot rest against the floor. The 23rd exercise is the same, just switch to the left leg. I just practiced the inner thighs in particular, and now I want to practice the twenty-fourth exercise on the outer thighs, which is called the outer leg raise. Practice the left leg first. Move the left leg up and down. The outer thigh of the left leg will become more and more sore. This means that you are doing a good job. come on! The twenty-fifth exercise is the same, but switch to the right leg. I don't want anyone to let the leg rest on the ground to refuel. There are less than three minutes left. The twenty-sixth exercise is called the fire hydrant. Practice the right leg first. The right leg cannot Touch the floor! The twenty-seventh exercise is the same, but there are only three exercises left if you switch to the left leg. The twenty-eighth exercise is called leg circle. Continue to practice the thigh and left leg to circle clockwise without touching the floor for 20 seconds. The second exercise is called leg circle. Nineteen exercises are also leg circles, but switch to the right leg and we come to the last exercise, frog pump. Do you want to have a beautiful butt? Just practice this exercise more! The feet are pressed together. You have to lift them up and tighten them. It's very sore but you have to persevere. 30 kinds of leg training exercises are completed. You did a great job! You can do this exercise 4 to 5 times a week. If you want to lose weight faster, you can actually do it twice in a row! If you take this exercise as part of your exercise plan, you should find that your legs become thinner within a month. Remember to stretch before turning off the video. You can also watch my stretching video today. Well done, see you tomorrow! Chad was sleeping next to me while I was exercising – SLIM LEGS + BURN FAT: 30 Best Exercises in 15 min TABATA (Results in 2 Weeks) ◆ Emi ◆

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