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Standing Abs Workout – 10 MINUTE FAT BURN

(air whooshing) – Hey guys. In today's video we are doing a 10 minute standing ab routine. Now this is perfect for you guys if you don't like doing crunches on the floor, because this routine is gonna help to still tone your ab muscles, as well as burn some calories. If you guys wanna know the best training and nutrition program for you, then make sure to check out the quiz below. (soft electronic music) Okay guys, who is ready for this workout? We're doing 30 seconds per one for your standing abs. So the first move we're going into is jumping jacks 'cause we wanna get that heart rate up to burn fat. (beeping) So let's go, try and get your fingertips to touch as you are jumping. Keep that core contracted and go as fast as you can. (soft electronic music) That's it, keep going guys. (beeping) Great. Next thing we're going into is twisting with the knees. So all you wanna do is bring that knee up to the opposite elbow. Again, keep that core contracted. Exhale as that knee comes up to meet that elbow in a crunch. Keep going. (upbeat vibrant electronic dance music) (beeping) Next we're going into wood choppers. But as you come down, I want you to go almost into a lunge position. So we're bending those knees, bringing that arm up and then bringing it down. Just imagine that you really are chopping some wood. You wanna use some force. You wanna contract those abs and work those obliques. So bring it up and down. Up and down. That's it guys. Keep smiling, keep going. (upbeat electronic music) (beeping) – [Woman] Exercise. – [Host] Excellent. Let's move straight over to the other side. Bring it up and down. Remember to bring that knee down as you go. You want to keep a bend in it. Down and up. Really use some force guys. Keep it controlled. (upbeat rhythmic electronic music) Down and up, fantastic. Down and up. (beeping) – [Woman] Exercise. – [Instructor] Switch kicks. So all I want you to do is move those feet back and forth as quickly as possible. Make sure your feet are on the floor. Go as fast as you can, guys. Keep that core nice and sucked in. (upbeat vibrant electronic music) (beeping) – Exercise. – Excellent. Now we are going into some punches. But what I want you to do is I want your hands to be flat. So not in a ball with a fist position, but flat hands. This is gonna help to target every single muscle in your abs. You want to be twisting in a squat-like position and going as fast as you can. (upbeat electronic music) That's it, guys, keep going. Keep breathing. Keep that core sucked in. (beeping) – Exercise. – Excellent guys. For the next move, what we're gonna do is you're gonna be in a squat-like position. And you're gonna bring your arms over in a rainbow position. Down and up, that's it guys. This is gonna help to really work those obliques. So come down, touch the floor and round. You wanna try and touch your ankle if possible. Keep breathing. Nice and controlled. (big boomy electronic music) (beeping) – [Woman] Exercise. – [Instructor] Excellent. For the next move, we're getting that heart rate up again, guys. I want you to bring that knee to your hand as fast as possible. So bring it up, up, up, up. Remember to exhale on every single crunch. Keep pushing, keep workin'. (mysterious electronic music) (beeping) – [Woman] Exercise. – [Instructor] Excellent job guys. Switch straight on over to the other side. You know the move. Bring that hand to elbow. That's it, keep going. Hand to knee, hand to knee, quick as you can. I want you sweatin' by the end of this. (big boomy electronic music) (beeping) – [Woman] Exercise. – [Instructor] Excellent guys. For the final move of the circuit, I want you to kick out to the side and drive your elbow down to meet your knee. Now this is gonna help to really work the side of your abs. That's it, nice and controlled. Nice and slow. You wanna squeeze and pull down. Really engage those oblique muscles. That's it, guys. This is also gonna help with your core stability. (beeping) – Exercise. – And now we're going back to the beginning, guys. So let's go at it again with those star jumps. This is back to back. It's intense and I want you guys to get those abs. So let's go. Pick up the pace. This is the last time you're gonna do this so I really want you to work hard. (upbeat driving electronic music) (beeping) – [Instructor] Excellent guys. Let's go into the twist knee raises. So all you need to do is bring that elbow to the opposite knee. Exhale as you crunch. Nice and controlled. This is targeting the whole of the abs. That's it, keep going. (driving electronic music) (beeping) – Exercise. – Now let's take it back to those wood choppers. Remember, you wanna come down as you bring those arms down to cut that bit of wood. That's it. Just imagine you're bringing it down with some force. Bend the knee. Engage your whole entire body. (mysterious electronic music) (beeping) – Exercise. – Excellent. Let's take it on over to the other side. Keep this moving guys. Up and down. Keep that core sucked in. Don't let it relax. You really wanna suck that naval in. (upbeat electronic music) (beeping) – [Woman] Exercise. – [Instructor] Let's get the cardio in now guys. Switch kicks. That's it, move as quickly as you can. Arms by your side, nice and straight. Move those feet. Come on. (upbeat electronic music) That's it, remember to breathe. Keep going, in out, in out. (beeping) – [Instructor] Now let's go back to those punches, guys. With a flat palm, you know how to do this. Face me in a slight squat position. Do not move your body too much. You want those hands to be doing the work and you just want to make sure that you're really engaging the entire abs here. (upbeat electronic music) (beeping) Excellent job guys. Squat position. Let's go into those rainbow arms. You want to bring them over and down. Over and down. Remember you want to try and touch your ankles if possible, or at least those calves. That's it. Really work those oblique muscles. (dreamy upbeat electronic music) Up and down, that's it. Up and down. (beeping) – Exercise. – Excellent work guys. Let's bring the cardio back in. Bring those knees to your hands. Pick it up, I want it go faster. Come on. That's it, keep working, keep pushing. That's it, really really contract your muscles here. (smooth electronic music) (beeping) – Exercise. – Let's take it straight to the other side guys. Move quicker than that. Come on, bring that knee right up to that hand. Remember to exhale every single time you're coming up into that crunch. (upbeat electronic music) (beeping) – [Woman] Exercise. – [Instructor] Amazing work, guys. Now for your final exercise make sure to bring that knee up. Bring the elbow down to meet the leg and contract your obliques. Keep that core moving. Challenge your stability, that's it. Breathe out, crunch, breath out, crunch. (upbeat dance music) (beeping) And that's it guys. Well done for completing this routine of the standing abs with me. So if you guys like this work

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