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Sweat & Burn Fat Fast! 8 Min STANDING INTENSE HIIT Workout, No Equipment

Okay, let's start today with the 8-minute HIIT workout First, let's warm up by walking in place Pull in your chest and engage your abs Lift your knees higher Keep your upper body upright and swing your arms Okay, let's do another stretch Twist your body as much as you can but make sure Do it slowly and then slowly roll back Okay, next we're going to do jumping jacks. It's actually a classic full-body fat burning exercise. Tighten your stomach and then bend the legs a little when landing to protect the knees. The faster you jump, the better the fat burning effect. Okay, take a break. We come to the ballet squat exercise with your feet apart, your toes pointing outward. Bend your knees in the direction of your toes and keep your back straight. Exhale as you squat until your thighs become parallel to the ground. Inhale when you return. You do not have to worry about your thighs becoming huge by doing By squatting because when we do not use any weights gaining muscle is very difficult, especially for women. Squatting burns fat better than building muscle. Leg circumference is determined by both muscle and fat so if squatting adds 0.5 cm of muscle size to your legs it can help you. Its fat burning effect on losing 2.5 cm of fat Overall, legs are still 2 cm thinner Sometimes, your leg looks thicker but it may just be swollen due to excess tension or simply swollen So please don't be afraid to squat and do it without a doubt In its usefulness! As long as you finish the exercise with a good stretch and massage, okay, take a rest. After that, we will raise the knees up. You can raise your hands to the pelvis. Jump with your knees touching the palms of your hands. The faster you jump, the better it is at burning fat. Make sure to always engage your abdominal muscles. As this can help us raise the leg higher during jumps and burn more fat. Let's continue. We are almost halfway through the exercise, let's continue! Okay, let's take a break and do the “feet to hands” exercise. After that, keep your chest out and engage your abdominal muscles. Kick your leg to the side and touch the hand on the other side. Control your breathing. Exhale when you kick your legs and engage your stomach. Inhale as you lower your legs. This exercise is very good for slimming your legs and waist. Okay, take a break, then we will do a squat jump. Exhale when you jump. Inhale when you lower your feet. Your knees should face the direction of your toes. This movement exercises more than 70% of the body’s muscles, so it burns fat well and can improve the basal burning rate, even We can lose weight faster It can also improve the endocrine glands such as stimulating the secretion of more growth hormones which will make us grow older and younger and have better skin so everyone should continue Okay, good job, let's take a break Next we're going to do the butt kick exercise Feet apart Bend your leg and notice The knee should not move forward. Make sure to leave the thigh perpendicular to the ground so that we can train the muscles healthily and avoid knee pain. Try to let the heel touch the butt. Okay, now let’s start jumping. Note that your thighs are always perpendicular to the ground. The faster your heart rate, The fat burning effect was better keep it up everyone! This is the second and final exercise and we are almost finished. Everyone must continue, keep going! Okay, take a break. The last movement, let's do lunges or lunges. Keep your upper body straight and do not bend your back. Keep the front thigh parallel to the floor. The knees do not go beyond the toes. The knee of the back leg does not touch the floor. This movement not only strengthens the butt and legs. But also tightens the psoas muscle and improves anterior pelvic tilt Everyone, please wait there There are only a few seconds left! Well, take a break, switch to the other side and do the same thing. Strength training is the best way to increase the core burning rate and let's lose weight quickly and healthily for those who do not have equipment or time to go to the gym or gym. This type of body weight control exercise It is the best choice and you can do it anytime and anywhere Now your legs must be very sore but please wait Exhale when you lunge, and inhale when you come back In the last few seconds remaining for everyone to hang on and keep going! Well, we're done! Don't forget the stretching exercises. Let's stretch the hip and the back of the thigh first. Don't stretch too much. Stop when you're about to feel pain. Excessive stretching makes your muscles more tense. Okay, move to the other side. Take a deep breath and stretch in the same way. Okay, let's stretch the front of the thigh next. Notice that The knees are not going forward. The thigh should be perpendicular to the ground. Okay. Let's change to the other side. You should use both the leg and the hip and the foot on the standing leg to better help us maintain balance. Let's do a calf stretch. Next, the more you bend your ankle, the more you will feel the stretch. Okay. Change to the other side In fact, we should also massage with the foam roller after stretching or you can massage while watching TV before sleeping at night Combining HIIT exercises with stretching and massage is very beneficial for slimming the legs Well, that's all for today See you in the next video See you soon..

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