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[Thailand Trip Giveaway] First Time in Koh Samui! We Never Left The Hotel…. ~ Emi & Chad

[Music] for you [Music] [Music] a first time in customary at this time we're now looking for a hotel driver we just took the ferry and we're now at the island cold and gun of handgun we arrived kupo koopa beach villa in koh phangan some welcoming jacks and a snack what is this there's a red velvet cookie [Music] Wow we have our own little hot tea and there are swimming pool super nice Island feel always got the sliding doors we got a deck chair wow it smells so nice in here must be the lost seat and stuff big bath so right now we are in Thailand yeah little island at the cuckoo cuckoo penguin beach spa and villas by lasse tan we are looking forward to using their beautiful spa here that they have all the stuff there's by loseth on and we're looking forward to being rejuvenated and feeling refreshed she's just had a long trip in the US and me it's very tired from her jetlag we'll be taking you guys with us to see this beautiful resort come with us thank you the man gonna think cap so we're first having lunch – fresh coconut is so much yeah that's so good and jets plus us mango lassi he loved available on the menu I know I know no passion fruit and me oh my god that's her appetizer Thai temptation hi temptation is so tempting me okay really good company and chats fettuccine pom young its solution will do Tonya my passenger putting on shoes for a photoshoot I got this dress I was gonna wear it in a state yeah it looks great what a lucky man I am getting married to this thing oh I like I like now it's time for a chest full of yeah and we all just stopped looking pretty half an hour late oh so up there is the rooftop bar thank you crazy unhappy so relaxing up here with our coconut sunsets so beautiful [Music] chillin Emmys happy yeah you look refreshed do you remember when she looked jet lag so the Sun just set and our food has a [Applause] yes so super cute is that lemongrass sticking out Wow it's this romantic [Applause] grafting home despite being food to you guys yeah so we don't just say we're struggling trying to be a bit more professional thinking about those other travel like eating shows that we watch what do they usually say yeah good texture so the pad thai here is wrapped with a layer of eight smells really good [Music] enjoying the vibes the music tomorrow oh my god she woke me up to [Music] we're at breakfast sausage pasture I'm sure hello Gigi what's happening oh yeah you're welcome a few moments later what we've been waiting for finally spot ah it smells so good already hoo hoo hope you know these lost to them products this is the first lawsuit on spot in Thailand and they have Swedish massage Chinese occupy every day everything and all the products that use here are lots of time yeah good quality [Music] normally even back in Hong Kong or the bath products body lotion I use and we'll see from what it has well hmm Oh forming bath one hour later so cute so cute have happy hot tea after massage my first meal of the day at 3 p.m. mine's tuna tartare this Caesar salad because I feel like me some veggies have been coming caught in the toilet look at that oh my god the sir thank you hehehe isn't my wife so beautiful right there they have kayaks here too yeah so many everywhere yeah it's chill Sampo like oh my beautiful fiance going for Tina you look beautiful you do Oh already did it already can you it's pretty Wow I just realized there's so many hearts on the table are you romantic I'm so oh man am I not my gorgeous bride to be giving with a hottie first course starting with some deep fried spring rolls this April skele very romantic place the lemon sorbet so good with no milk for main course we're having sea bass with curry how cute the rice no stand up it's a cute hat and here's my favorite favorite favorite mango sticky rice coming to the end of our trip here it was a good trip to week you for name right we would definitely recommend you guys to come check this place out is awesome for a quick getaway Sun Beach Spa yeah really good food bye guys – [Thailand Trip Giveaway] First Time in Koh Samui! We Never Left The Hotel…. ~ Emi & Chad

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