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hey there Exeter's welcome to you exit guess what we're doing today we you and me are doing a thigh workout I don't know if you saw that but I just totally tried to show you my guy so legs it is and I hope you stay along with me and make sure you maximize your time here and challenge your body [Music] alright so because we're doing thighs which means our legs correct we're gonna start with plie squats which means toes out knees open hips down there you go so no ductless you don't have to stick your butt way out but your butt it's gonna go back out behind you just a bit and everything we're doing today is gonna be about 30 seconds okay keep those knees out and again you can put your hands wherever you want to really want to be a ballerina be a ballerina you want to be superwoman be superwoman you want to be a cheerleader you know you do your thing keep going engage that core in the front so squeeze the ABS you got this all right so next up we have a side lunge I just want you to come out to the side sit it down okay so we're going to do one leg and then we'll switch for 30 seconds here we go so really bend that right leg now focus on not letting this me go too far over your ankle okay so you should sit back into it your weight should go into the heels and your knees should not go over your toe especially good work remember thirty seconds each side now this other leg that's standing leg a nice soft knee so it's not locked out and it's not really doing a lot of mobility either okay bring it over here switch it up this side good job keep going sit into it number two the whole time on each side because we don't want to be unsymmetrical or strengthen one side more than the other you know [Music] you also want to train with us as much as possible because we don't want you to be one of those people in the gym she's like really big up here and then I stupid scrawny legs you know what I mean whoo all right Oh more call that good okay well those were some pretty good lunges he did there I'm glad you kept up now we're gonna go into a squat kick it out okay so no karate kid' we're just kicking it out you got this three seconds each leg we're gonna go let's do a minute in there okay good work and again we're not being Karate Kid I'm not like all the way up just activate the side that the adductor is you got it [Music] keep going keep your hands somewhere neutral so it's not inhibiting your range of motion with your legs if you have weights you could keep them here that shouldn't interfere too much you got this we sit into it engage the core the shoulders back keep it up with those baby kicks I was doing baby kicks on another workout someone was like Chuck Norris it's not approve of your roundhouse kicks and I was like I totally know so intentional with the small ones okay no more kicks or anything like that we're just gonna move right into Skinner hops okay so jump in you can pick up the speed pick up the distance from side to side all right there you go so the lower you get the more you're maximizing this movement you just be up here and kind of skip back and forth you're not really gonna feel it as much reach forward with those pants enough for this we're gonna get on the floor [Music] you got to keep going get that heart rate up good job good all right moving on to the ground we have leg lifts to the inside so Vince just pull it up shortening contracting right through here point the toe number 30 seconds each side you have a soft bend in your knee economically that's just what your body is probably gonna want to do naturally keep pulling it up skater hops got my heart rate up good job [Music] pull it up you got it don't let it hit the ground last one whoo all right go ahead and switch and of course modification if you need to your foot can hit the ground no big deal all right you're doing this good job point the toe number taught me not bent not locked out should be feeling this the little isometric movements they're awesome this is stuff that you guys can do without any equipment things it can do regularly really no excuse huh you just got to be intentional almost done with these were calling last one okay so I'm stay in this position just to rework however we're gonna utilize our top leg and in standing leg would be the one on the bottom this is gonna look like this bring it up and circle back got that little circles like a paintbrush like we do with their arms and our shoulders sometimes you got that 30 seconds only 30 seconds see your day [Music] point the toe Saul you X hitters out there you got to leave more comments we want to hear how you're doing how you're feeling if your energy stuff if you're feeling good getting functional stronger oh alright go ahead and switch it over other side and we do love hearing from you so keep it up do the back you got it against off me it's not locked out good job giving you a thumbs up [Music] remember baby circles nothing crazy oh and if you guys are feeling stiff after this or even before and you went ahead anyways have a really good stretching workout that you guys can do or stretching episode rather not really workout so why don't you look for that means I'm stretching with me and that would be real good that lactic acid out okay well we went one direction with those leg circles and that means we should probably go the other way too all right so this time to the front point the toe open up that hip just a little bit okay through the front baby circles nice job and of course you've heard me say it before but these things that look kind of funny they actually work if you do them so do a good job point that toe we always want some flexion in the calf if we're along gating the leg Oh working over here hopefully it's working over there all right go ahead and switch it over other side there we go to the front good job thumbs up again keep going and of course take little breaks whenever you need to in any of our workouts describe your water press pause take a breather walk the dog who knows keep going [Music] you wake over there keep it up come on bring it up keep that tension you got it good work keep going and call it good all right so this next one we can do a couple different variations let me show you real fast so let's hop up into a plank okay side plank I'm gonna bring it up okay your modification will be on the floor hold that bottom leg good standing legs bring it up like this okay here we go for 30 seconds let's pop it up and go jump in if you have it my standing leg is already burning I train my legs yesterday today I'm real hard so today I'm like well we will see how much we get done 30 seconds maybe at the 10-second mark I'll bring it down okay modify for me there you go do whatever is best for you symmetrical though okay both sides need to be the same all right call it good switch it over pop it up for the first half okay here we go now they've been great into motion it's on my nose you got it and of course same thing on this

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