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Toned & Slim Thighs in 7 DAYS |10 Min Beginner Slim Leg Workout, No Jump (Eng Sub)

Before, my thigh circumference was 49.5 cm. I did this thigh exercise until it reached 47 cm. As a result, freckles appeared on my legs. Take this as a reference. We can see that the same part was measured for the same thigh. Hello all, I am April. Today I will share with you a powerful thigh exercise that I I keep doing it and it has achieved tremendous results. It is very effective in the lower thigh area. Only one of these 9 exercises can be done while standing. As for the others, you can lie down while practicing them, which motivates us to continue and continue practicing these exercises. Practice this exercise once a day and you will see the amazing result soon. Okay, let’s get started. First, get down on your knees like this in the squatting position and move your toes out like this in an obtuse angle position. Keep your back straight. Sit in the squatting position. Continue to go down to the squatting position until the thigh is in a position parallel to the ground. Be careful not to bend your knees forward while extending the balls of your toes until You can overcome knee pain. This exercise works well on tightening the inner side of your thighs. The next exercise is to lie down and raise one of your feet up. There is no need to raise the foot very high, but make sure to straighten your legs firmly and keep your toes together. Raise it slowly and lower it slowly, and please. Try not to let your foot touch the other when lowering your foot slowly from above. This tightens the abdomen and compresses the buttocks. Do this exercise slowly and with complete control. Little by little, bend the abdominal muscles to be close to the spine while maintaining your natural breathing. This is the method of tightening the abdomen that we use. Well, Let's move to the other side Keep your toes clenched because this will help us a lot Keep your thighs tight and well controlled This exercise looks easy but in reality it makes the legs burn This type of exercise can enhance muscle endurance and is very good for getting Thin and graceful legs because it can speed up the process of burning fat and forming and growing muscles, but it does not build very huge muscles. Today’s exercises are all of this type. The third exercise: Bend on your back in a bridge with a towel or towel between your feet and tighten the abdomen and buttocks. Tighten with your strength from the buttocks to push the hip. Away from the ground, there is no need to raise it too high as long as the thighs are in a straight position with the body. Avoid using the pulling force from the waist to lift the body. Imagine that we need to carry a piece of paper by squeezing and tightening the buttocks throughout the exercise while you are doing this bridge pose. This will help you to do the bridge pose in the same way. The correct thing is to place the towel or towel between the knees. It enhances the strengthening of the training of the inner thigh. Well, the fourth exercise is to make the legs embrace each other. Raise your legs perpendicular to the ground and open your leg pelvis to the maximum degree possible, then return them to the starting position again. Keep your toes tight at all times. Never bend your legs. These things are very important to ensure the effectiveness of this exercise. Please do these movements using your muscles. Do not do them by letting them fall with gravity. Does your foot shake? This is what is required. Keep going. Do not stop. We are working harder. You will get good results very soon. Keep going and bear the pain. The next exercise is the inner thigh lift. Do not let your legs touch the ground when lowering the foot. This is a good exercise for the outer part of the thighs. This is a good exercise for the outer part of the thighs. Okay. Let's move to the other side again, keep your toes together and straighten your knee. Don't touch the ground when your leg drops. There are a total of 9 exercises today. We've done more than half. Come on, everyone. Okay, now the sixth exercise is the monkey kick pose. Kneel on a mat. Keep your thighs up. In a position perpendicular to your body, the arms are perpendicular to the upper part of the body. Raise your feet up towards the ceiling. Keep your stomach tight. Imagine bending your abdomen close to the spine. Keep your back straight. Do not sink your waist down. Perform the exercise movements slowly and with complete control and we will get better results. Okay. Let's move to the other side. This exercise can be very effective in tightening the front and back parts of our thighs, as well as the glutes, in addition to the oblique legs. This exercise also works to tighten the hips very well. It prevents sagging in the hips. Also raise the hip line to expose the legs. Longest Lying and Leg Shift Exercise on Bicycle Pose Lie on a mat with legs extended straight with the mat Place the right ankle over the left ankle Open the knees at your sides Then return to the starting position Keep your legs as straight as possible when recovering Do not bend your knees too Please keep both ankles touching All the time when your knees are open move your heels as close to your body as possible Maybe you are tired now but please continue, you can do this Okay, let's switch Put your left leg on the right leg Do the same exercise for 30 seconds This movement can exercise our thighs well Very, especially the inner thighs, so no matter how sore and painful the legs are, we all have to hold them well. Keep going, you can do it. Well, the next exercise is the knee bending exercise on the straight leg. Keep your legs in a vertical position on the ground, then touch your hips with your heels. Do not bend your knees. Also, keep your toes together. This movement can slim the front part of the thigh well. You may feel tension or a burning sensation in the thigh now. Do not stop please, just continue the exercise. You can do it slowly if you are tired. Well, the last exercise is to raise the hip straight after Return to the original position. Move your legs forward a little. Remember to keep your toes together to maintain the tension in the thighs. This exercise leads to slimming the front and back parts of the thighs, as well as the abdomen area, especially the lower abdomen area. You may not be able to raise the hip at first. This is okay as long as you can do it once in a while. One a day can raise the

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