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What I Eat in a Week as a Fitness YouTuber (asian meals, home recipes) ~ Emi

hi I'm Emmy welcome back to another what I eat in a week Vlog I've done a couple of these in the past few years but they were all different at first I was still working a full-time office job living with my parents and and then I moved out so I thought I'll film an updated version and all this yummy healthy foods they're all cooked by my amazing helper Yaya I'm so lucky and so grateful to have her in my life even though I like healthy Hong Kong food I rarely eat sell like maybe like once a month and because I grew up in Hong Kong a lot of my food is also with Asian influence but there's also Western food if that's what you're more into and I hope this video can give you a bit more ideas that you can eat healthy but still enjoy really delicious food and I don't count calories that's just not the way I want to live my life but whatever worked for you I think the most important is to find something you enjoy and that you can do it over a really long period of time enough talking let the week begins foreign guys apart from what I eat in a week I also want to show you guys my routine and also the new habits that I'm trying to implement in my life and I'm trying to be less attached to my phone I don't want to look at social media to be like the first thing that I do when I wake up in the morning so for the past few weeks I try to do a guided meditation in the morning and then I would write three affirmations for the day on my journal before I start looking at like messages and social media and building a habit takes time I'm not perfect so so far I think the success rate is like 60 I am learning progress over perfection thank you [Music] good morning yeah yeah so yeah I made this banana bread over the weekend for Bobo's birthday it's one of our favorite recipes [Music] banana walnut bread with strawberries and blueberries mmm [Music] very nice day but Curtains Down for the UV every day I like my to-do list on my notebook and I love that when I get a task done I can just like cross it out it's almost like one of my motivation to get things done [Music] yummy yummy for lunch I'm having lattice wrapped with minced pork bell peppers refreshing [Music] I'm gonna show you guys realistically how much I eat and I didn't finish the whole plate tomorrow we have a shoot and this so some of the clothes that we borrow from Brands I'm gonna try on the outfits now according to the way my managers styled them and see how they fit for me this is just a much more environmental friendly and sustainable way instead of like buying clothes every single time because we don't want to repeat them in the photos so funny it's headed I cannot pull up the pens it's too tight cannot cannot cannot because the silver pens don't work and now we're trying these ones it also can twirl [Music] [Music] yes quinoa pasta with avocado sauce it's like creamy but vegan and dairy free and the celery soup it's also vegan mmm oh my God so good the celery soup I know the color does not look that great but it's like my favorite favorite soup even better than like green Pizza broccoli soup um [Music] Today's Breakfast is one of my favorite favorite favorite favorite it's sweet potato toast mashed avocado with pepper and salt and lime and also project foreign supplements that I take I also did supplements at night but different ones lines main for memory and nerve support it also helps with your mood your leaves while anxiety and depression and cordyceps for immune system endurance metabolism plus but not least nmn for anti-aging you would see that yesterday I just drink like a water in the morning and that's actually all I drink every single morning lunch dinner throughout the whole day I drink a lot of water my other tip is don't buy anything that you don't really want yourself to be eating or drinking for example whatever my friends are here they're always complain I don't have cold sweet drinks because all I have at home is water and snack wise I also don't have a lot I do have some like healthy crackers nuts cranberries raspberry shoe mix but I really think it's a good method if at night I can't put any snacks that I want to eat then I just go to sleep and feel better in the morning and I also want to tell you guys about the things that I listen to because I think what you listen to and what you watch like the content that you consume is so important to help you set the right mindset to achieve any goals that you want so first is Jay Shetty I love his podcast especially the guests that invite to his podcast they're so successful all in their own way there's always something to learn for people who get to that point in their life I love listening to this YouTuber called The Wizard list I especially like the one video that she talked about if you don't like yourself what are the changes that you can make and there's also one video that I just listened this morning about manifesting your dream life and also Louis hey just search her on YouTube one is called The Power Within you today we're filming what do you think about the avocado pasta it's so good it tastes like it doesn't taste like avocado at all every time Samantha is here she's complaining that my place does not have cold drinks observing and accessories today for lunch I'm just eating the celery soup from last night we're super behind schedule so I still haven't flipped my workout video [Music] [Music] we're still shooting right now it's what time like five five thirty I'm finally eating the rest of my lunch we're just finishing up our cool shoot but we're not done for the day because we still have a night shoot so now we're heading back I need to shower change and then we're heading out for a night shoot we're doing a team dinner yeah and we're going Chinese this is pan fried tofu this is a zucchini fritters it's actually a western dish but it goes really well with this Chinese sauce that I like and steamed fish I think with steamed fish rice is must [Music] okay which one do you want Zinnia well you're not having it I mean I cannot I'm like those intolerant oh I'll eat a bit of My Vegan durian ice cream [Music] right now it's midnight and we're still doing the shoot they're so crazy so it's 1am now we just finished today's 12 hour [ __ ] super tired but very very productive I left all my clothes in the car that I haven't had the energy to pack them up I'm gonna do it tomorrow morning I'm just gonna go home and rest now good night this morning I am having pumpkin pancakes it's gluten-free [Music] because the day I've been out for a long time and it's nice to have a feeling of breakfast in the morning normally when I'm out the whole day I would pack my lunchbox same as what I eat at home most of my lunches are left over from the nurse the night before this is what is this avocado pasta zucchini fritters and the cool dish tofu skin from last night around this lunch time I already know like for sure I'll have to wait at the car park so it's a perfect time to eat – What I Eat in a Week as a Fitness YouTuber (asian meals, home recipes) ~ Emi

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