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What My Hong Kong Parents Think About Me Quitting My Job to be a YouTuber (Income, Haters etc)~ Emi

hi Emily so today we have another installment of our serious life series we're going to interview Papa and Mama walk the woman longer so in the last episode we talked about we talked about the job that we did before we started YouTube and how I started YouTube when I was still in my last full-time job and how I eventually quit it to become a full-time youtuber and many of you guys asked what her parents thought of this whole new YouTube career because it's not a very traditional career especially me coming from a Chinese family so a lot of you are curious whether they're happy or disappointed in posting today so here we have what would be jobs before you [Music] [Music] know nothing to me [Music] so now it's been one year since she's been doing this full-time how has it been so far my yo-yo yo-yo she is 32 me wonder is really $1 the audience our gigantic travel early autumn night Chicago not anymore nothing really [Music] [Music] of being a youtuber there comes a lot of different pros and cons one of them queen privacy concerns or showing your faces on the internet how do you feel about that oh you know table or highly value to do an emergency sometime they had popular dresser on the body of a crunchy some chocolate even for me tamale I'm over that so that it is exposed to have like their homes only don't know something wrong Lillie Joe Don you know you're the CIO oh but I said no they do with my family I are Co you daya endo are you know you have seen the movie technique of is now is a pathology again is biodiversity I can see another one of the cons that comes with being a youtuber is the haters that come with it on both Instagram and on YouTube they only see among people that are there no longer with the ills or something dad's idea it's always coming on Tommy laughs oh oh you got your company were you calling a lifelong homicide agree to it oh yeah was anything else you do we are tiny tsunami a lasagna IKEA so how you guys feeling or last question what are your feelings towards the future her career stability and her future income growth and how she can make this career something for the long-term so that's it for this video if you want to be a youtuber you want to come here and show them [Music] seriously the phone here [Music] – What My Hong Kong Parents Think About Me Quitting My Job to be a YouTuber (Income, Haters etc)~ Emi

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