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What Really Happened On My Shanghai Work Trip With Beauty Bloggers From All Over Asia

hi guys welcome back to my channel as you can see today I'm not at home so I'm actually in Shanghai right now together with Benefit Cosmetics this would cheer Shang the Qigong Trevor Johanna is so sexy you put that Chavez not here arriving to the room this so crazy you guys look at this what is that okay I have no idea what is that and look at that Shanghai view dude this is insane guys I was so excited so right now I'm going a bit crazy because I literally just arrived and then the team told me that they're nervous about to start soon I have like 10 minutes to get ready SM was at rest cold and they set one word glam and you know I will be having dinner with all like the beauty makeup fashion blockers and I don't know what Glamis so I just doing whatever I have and I don't know I might make up at some point I know what they're talking I should go pick my shoes and go dinner now we decided to go with this dress instead I felt that it's a less bloody I just FaceTime home to make sure but this is how messy my room is right now everyone here's like a beauty blocker and oh it's just a bit intimidated and I was worried that I couldn't fit in but so far I happen having the most amazing time here but they're so nice [Music] most important thing when it comes to traveling is meetings like yummy food so maybe that's why I have been loving every single minute of it the moment I rise to the airport of eating non-stop like loud before the slightest on posi foodie was trying to so bean salad but he's in solitary [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] it's a real lemon but we'll move everything I'm just really happy that you know I'm fitting in and making friends I can be quite socially awkward and this morning breakfast is so good and I will shift out tons of today oh this [ __ ] this is the breakfast plate looks like there's so much good I have no idea where to start maybe start with some juice few coverages that's so healthy of bread pastry here so I thought I always keep bread this is paradise big eight and then beef and lamb sausages soymilk out here the thing that room is too high-tech for me it took me such a long time last night to figure out which button to press to turn all the lights off and the toilet is just crazy so high-tech look at that it just open it by itself look at all these buttons we're cleansing fun cleansing pressure acquisition or too scared to try these but if chad is here it would love it later they'll also bring us out for lunch I'm super excited I haven't had actual Shanghainese yes pirates are coming here I have been working out so work out to eat I'm just going to let myself enjoy all the yummy foods like Shanghai has to offer okay so now I'm just going to film another video I promise you guys in Alfred Hall I brought all the outfits from this trip and also Singapore and it is lunchtime and I even have this huge event of all the influencers from Singapore Korea and China just everywhere from Asia so stay tuned on that yes supercooled chopsticks welcoming me here in Shanghai and there's this cute cushion [Music] so this is an Instagram spot homes on fire you know I'm getting ready for the Eva and a Jessica Liz pink they say everyone's going to look really glam and extra but the thing is I don't have that many pink clothes I'm wearing this but I don't know if you guys remember is what I wore on the beach in stripling cos I just send a photo to Chad he said it looks too Ichi and everyone just gonna be like very fancy I don't know it'll be fine look how pink everyone is [Music] Oh [Music] [Music] good morning guys that's finally a last thing here together with benefit in Shanghai but I'll actually be seeing in Shanghai for a couple more days because chat is flying tonight and we spending our the men's to go weekend here today before we leave I'll actually be spending some time with the celebrity makeup artist Nigel he'll be mainly doing my foundation I didn't put any like foundation highlighter or like blush or anything on my face so I'm super excited about that though turn it around and do it on the jaw like that that's a hollow happy soft blur foundation that we're here for at the soup van super cute makeup bag before we end this video I just wanna say a big quick thing here to Benefit Cosmetics because I know I'm not a makeup guru but the fact that they still invited me to this trip to be with all these influencers I just feel so grateful and yeah you guys make me feel like the luckiest girl ever I've had such an amazing time hi guys I hope you enjoyed the video and I'll see you very soon – What Really Happened On My Shanghai Work Trip With Beauty Bloggers From All Over Asia

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