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XHIT – Fitness and Food Journal: Thigh Workout and Roasted Tomato Recipe

hello and welcome to exit today we're getting our roast on and not just calories and fat cells we're actually going to get our tomato going too so ovens should be set for about 450 about actually put it to 450 it's going to be about 18 to 20 minutes just enough time for us to get our workout on so I'm going to go ahead and get started here already sliced these Tomatoes up okay going to take them to the pan non-stick if you want to you can coat that if not no big deal okay yes I washed my hands don't you worry germaphobes all right see how pretty these are sharp knives work wonders okay just bringing them on over here okay only a couple more are going to fit oh look at this perfect bam unas check this out pretty amazing I'm going to bring this over here cuz want you guys to see what I'm doing all right so let's get our olive oil oil on okay olive oil right here we're just going to drizzle drizzle yes it's going to run off yes this is good healthy fat okay let's do a little balsamic and I can do this cuz it's mine just going to use little finger and a little sprinkle little sprinkle boom one of those Tomatoes got some extra lovon and that's totally fine check this parsley out nice and chopped okay a sing on over here oh my goodness this looks amazing a little more I like parsley cuz dump this whole thing on there but I won't little garlic look at my fingers pretty amazing let's just do for the sake of sparing these one on each and then we'll add more if we can garlic is super yummy you guys this is an amazing healthy snack get in the groove with preparing stuff like this your body will be so happy I promise okay done with this let's do a little bit of sea salt I don't know how fast it's going to come out so put it in my hand first and do a little sprinkle right don't overs salt I know you guys are getting all your water in and stay hydrated so it's not a big deal but don't want to Overkill all right let's get some hard Italian cheese on okay just do some grating perfect little more obviously if I could I would just throw this whole thing on there or just eat it but I'm not going to smells awesome little pepper again don't douse it on won't be very good start there and little sprinkle pretty easy right this is not hard you could move a lot quicker if you wanted voila all right here we go oven is hot and I can feel it over here okay check it out pretty amazing all right going to go ahead and put it in bring this up don't want to steam up the house all right you guys we are going to get our workout on here we go okay guess what we have tomatoes Tomatoes whatever you want to call them those red things and they're round and check these socks out they're polka dots cuz they're round okay so that's a cooking and we're going to go ahead and get started with our Squat and leg lift are you guys ready so we're g to start need some space had to think about what I was doing for a minute so squat down bring it out squat down bring it out pretty simple right okay so ergonomically your hip's going to be a little open point the toe and just jump on in good work pull it up don't judge me because of my socks I used to wear stuff like this in high school like dance and Cher practice oh yeah bringing it back or not maybe I'm a Lone Ranger on this one but I like it really pull it up boys you can do this too have a couple guys in one of my boot camp classes we do a lot of this stuff and man it's pretty funny to see them try cuz muscles they don't usually activate keep it going all right we are getting to the end end of this tunnel it up last one each side bam all right so next up we have some paa squats so hey duck seen the duck see the duck cool huh all right paa squats toes out knees open bring it down flexibility through the hips and the knees bring it up you can be ballerina you can be be a ninja you can be a cheerleader you can be whatever you want just get these done you guys are awesome keep it up nice open chest we're always trying to get our good posture on right feel like I smell Tomatoes over there cooking it's a good sign and if you didn't get around to cooking them with us right before you started after this workout you should go to the store get some tomatoes and press repeat little wider get the toes out got the shoulders back all right starting to feel it not many more you know what that means usually like eight left right okay keep going and three two all right one more all right doing good okay I'm going to grab weights these are tens use whatever you want all right kick that leg up there here we go drop it down slow and controlled watch that front knee I have a former knee injury so I'm usually kind of on top of that keep going slow and controlled doing great to adjust if you're slipping off cuz I am you got it couple more unas woo burn in all right here we go switch it up drop that knee down keep it slow do have a stretch through the glute as you come down oh my gosh you want to hear something funny my nickname used to be Quadzilla kind of weird huh used to compete in figure and so my legs were a little bigger this was one of my favorites no you're not going to get bulky just by doing these just reminded me few more oh my goodness and bring it up call it good okay so next up got to get these out of the way okay so next up we are going to do some lunges let me get situated here um why you keep your guys guys keep your guys' feet on the mat and then step out at a diagonal just like that okay arms here so they're not flailing everywhere back up watch the knee oh my goodness good stuff here in and out little rotation open up that hip you guys are doing great keep going good posture shoulders relaxed you guys are awesome something's hurting just take a rest no big thing keep it going make sure you're not just going forward okay I want to see you guys go out feel this in the glutes too you guys are doing amazing all right keep it up we need our light weights next oh my gosh last one bring it up move it out you got to grab those weights get the little ones all right so let's get our shoulders going and our cores CU we need stabilizers on this one all we're doing lateral raise don't touch the ground front raise okay we'll stick with this leg and we're going to switch it to the other jump [Music] in keep going we're still moving moving and shaking over here good work point the toe you don't need to look like a ballerina but we need to be intentional with our motions slow and controlled maximize this workout you know what to do keep it going and we're going to switch even if you want to give up just press pause and jump in because we don't want you guys to do like 20 on one side and 20 on the other I think you've heard me say that a billion times now but super important jump in notice I don't have a giant range of motion all right keep going just barely bent at the waist nice soft knee on that right leg get those delts moving I'm already working up another sweat all right all right

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