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XHIT: Girls’ Life Workout

hey guys welcome to ex hit with your chainer Rebecca Louise today's workout is all for my friends and readers at girls Life Magazine so this one's for you girls we're going to do three circuits working our legs upper body then our abs and we're going to start off with a warm-up so let's get straight into it we're going to do 10 seconds of high knees we're going to go into booty kickers and then back to high knees okay let's take it into those booty kickers just thinking about hitting your feet with your butt you can put your hands behind your back okay high energy everybody let's take it back into those high knees get nice and high and we're going to take it back into those booty kickers in three two one last set of booty kickers make sure you're breathing everybody it's really important when we're doing exercise okay three two one okay take a nice stance we're just going to warm up those arms and shoulders so we're going to do 10 circles back three that's it really stretch up high six s nine and give me one more and let's go forwards 10 again two four halfway there six seven nine and your last one okay your last bit for your warm up we're just going to do twists so 10 in total four six eight 10 okay excellent job let's roll those shoulders round give your legs a wiggle and we're going to start off by working out those legs okay circuit number one we're going to be working on the legs we're going do lateral hops so just think there's something just lying down there like a towel or something and we're going to jump over it so really bring your knees up high and then back over we're going to do 30 seconds it's on the clock let's go really bring those knees up as high as you can jumping side to side that's it guys excellent job keep it up this is your cardio so we're going to be working off those calories keep it going 10 seconds if you can if you want to you can slow it down two give me one more jump okay your next one still a little bit of cardio everyone's favorite squat jumps and we're going to punch this sky as we get to the top so squat down 90° thinking about wiggling your toes so that your heels are just on the ground pulling down and as you jump punching the sky okay again 30 seconds so let's really power through all the way let's go excellent job so you're really thinking about punching up low squat 20 seconds sit nice and low you want to make sure that our knees don't come in so thinking about out to the side we don't want to lock our knees okay give me one more okay excellent job give those legs a shake okay let's take it into a squat with a lateral leg raise okay so we're going to squat down again thinking about your heels on the ground wiggle toes as you come up extend the leg out to the side and bring it back down and swap on to the other side again we've got 30 seconds let's take it away this is really good for your balance so all those athletes and dancers out here this is a great workout for you really thinking about holding that core as you come up squeeze those glutes that's going to help you with your balance and just focus on something in front of you and that's going to help as you lift the leg 5 seconds and lift the last time and bring it back down okay again working on our balance we're going to do a back lunge bring the leg in kicking it out we're going to do 15 seconds on each side so let's take that right leg back down remember exercise has got to be fun and exciting and this is what these workouts are designed just to do we just want to keep you healthy it's not even about becoming a big muscly bodybuilder let's swap over to the other leg it's just about being healthy getting everybody involved and remember each time you do exercise I know it sounds crazy but at the end it actually gives you more energy it definitely does with me okay okay your last one okay there you have it your legs is over and done we're going to take a 30 second water break so pick up your water bottles let's get some water on board it's really important that we do keep hydrated when we are working out now once you get into the habit of working out you're going to find it so much more fun you're going to get better results but you know what getting into that habit takes a lot of willpower and that's one of the main things that keeps people going when they are working out now if you want to learn more more about willpower and how to get into good habits then you should check out the video at well cast they're my friends they're great and they've got loads of exciting and good tips for you your break is over we're going to go out into the circuit two which is going to be working our upper body so coming down to the floor we're going to do push-ups now I know most of you think you can do a push-up just has to be here but I think if you're starting off with a push-up you've never done them before just cross your legs over at the back and just come down onto your knees now you want to make sure that you're coming on to this part of your knees not the kneecaps here so we're just supporting those joints so come down we're going to do 30 seconds and then the last 3 seconds we're going to hold it okay so let's go 30 seconds now you got to keep continuing to breathe I know it sounds really simple but people often forget when they're working out to making sure that that oxygen is getting to all of our muscles okay excellent job guys keep keep it going we really are using our chest and our triceps here so improving our upper body okay I want you to hold it here for three two one okay relax walk your hands back in and come up to standing now your second exercise we're going to do a deadlift so you normally see people having a bar and using weights but I don't want you to use any weights this whole workout for you guys at girls life is specifically designed L for you girlss so no weights at all and what I want you to do is keep your back nice and straight going down and then as you come up just bring your chest out going to do 30 seconds so really nice and low thinking about holding on to like a bar and then coming up okay 30 seconds that's it keep that back nice and straight and then as you come up almost think about rolling your shoulders back and we're really are working our back muscle here and just take your time nice and slowly You've Got 5 seconds left so let's go down for one more bring it up and back okay we're going to go into some uppercuts so we want a nice stance like this we going to do 15 seconds of each side and you're going to really just think about punching it okay so really just go for it 15 seconds let's go great job guys come on ready are working those arms keep it going all the way to the end we're going to swap in three two one jump those legs across and let's go 15 seconds really use those arms punching up bigger uppercuts girls come on five 4 3 two last one one excellent job give those shoulders a little Shake we got those legs out okay your last exercise for

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