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XHIT – How to Burn Off a Starbucks Frappuccino in 5 Minutes

hey everyone you're watching X hit with me Rebecca Louise now I know loads of you drink one of these it's got 100 calories in it it's a Starbucks frappuccino even my boyfriend drinks them too and today I'm going to give you 5 minutes of exercise where you can burn off this whole drink so let's get going we're going to start off with a minute we're going to do four split jumps and then going into a burpee okay so time's on the clock let's go four split jumps take it into that Burpee remember if you come to top of the Burpee you can take that jump out of the top if it's too much and it's Burpee again come on I know it's everybody's favorite come on keep it going two three four that's it breathe guys B split jumps nice and high get lower in the Burpee jump up the half you can come on keep it going we're burning off that Frappuccino one 1 two 3 4 okay we're going to take it into squats with the opposite knee to Elbow down and squat and across make sure you're engaging those abs in the squat and when you do the opposite reach to Elbow okay just take a breather keep it going that's it now when you get down in the squat you want to make sure that your weight is in the heels as it engage those abs and breathe no stopping in this one it's just five minutes of exercise keep it going that's a great job guys you're burning off that 100 calories if not more depending on how hard you're working that's it nice and low in the squat you should be able to wiggle your toes and your shoes as you get down to the bottom of the squat that means your weight's in the right place face keep going you're almost there after engage those [Music] abs okay we're going to take on to our next exercise high knees okay you got 30 seconds of these and then 30 seconds of booty kickers that's it pump those arms and breathe come on guys keep it going you're doing a great job so far [Music] far sit try and get those knees as high as you can keep breathe in come on we're going to change in a minute next exercise is booty kickers okay and let's take into booty kickers excellent job guys you're doing great you're over halfway keep it going your heart rate's up you're burning off those calories keep it going great job you can put your hands behind your back if you want to or just use your arms for momentum great job come on guys keep it going don't give up now okay let's take it into those slow mountain climbers down to the ground we got a minute of these that's it engage those [Music] abs okay take a moment to breathe that's it squeeze those abs bring the knee to the chest make sure your hands underneath those shoulders proud of you guys keep it going I know you've been seeing the results so if you just started watching the channel and just see the other comments that we've had people are really seeing the difference that's it keep it going that's it engage those ABS think about Contracting them great job come on keep it [Music] going you're almost there you're over halfway this is the easy bit [Music] now and breathe heart rate should be up keep it going come on squeeze okay you're going to stay in this position we're going to hold it here for 30 seconds okay make sure that body that spine is neutral you just want your head looking slightly forward you've only got 30 seconds of this one I'm going to swap onto the side okay that's it no arching do on your Bottoms in the air try and keep nice and flat come on push it guys you're almost there all the way to the end we're going to burn off that whole 100 calories ready we're going to switch on to a slide pank ready let's go so holding on to that side we're just going to do 15 seconds this side 15 seconds the other side that's it pull up we're working those oblique muscles here so this is the side are you ready to switch over on the other side almost okay your last 15 seconds that's to really think about pulling in these obli muscles and just reaching up to the ceiling see it wasn't that bad 5 minutes goes fast pretty quickly woo and come up to standing see how quickly that 5 minutes went past it was a breeze well there you go you've turned this into this as easy as that it only took you 5 minutes and if you enjoyed this workout and exit has got plenty more for you so subscribe to the channel you can click the this button here it's going to send you our newsletter free loads of tips advice and workouts especially for you I'm Rebecca Louise you can follow me on Twitter at the model pilot it's been a pleasure to work out with you today and make sure you visit us again soon

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