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XHIT: The Cardio Jump Workout

hey guys welcome to exit with me Rebecca Louise today is all about Plyometrics so lots of jumping so if you're ready we're going to start with 30 seconds of star jumps then we go to 30 seconds of high knees and 30 seconds of booty kickers try and get those arms to meet in the middle remember if you need it modified you can step to the side okay keep going give me five more seconds then we're going to go on to high knees okay let's take those high knees just trying to warm up the body if you need this one modified just going to step up the knee one at a time okay we're going to go on to booty kickers in three two one try and kick those bum nice and high keep that tummy pulled in and just keep trying to move the whole time even if you just have to take to it to a jog that's fine so make sure our body is moving the whole time okay five 4 3 2 1 next exercise with 40 seconds we're going to shuffle to the side squat One Way Shuffle the other and Tuck jump okay 40 seconds on the clock let's go yeah really low in that squat really high in that tuck jump if you want to increase the intensity you can do a tuck jump either side decrease intensity you can squat either side okay 5 seconds left one more tuck jump okay now we're going to take it into lunge jumps 30 seconds on each side right leg ready bend that knee and then jump as high as you [Music] can and 10 seconds five 3 two one okay so let's just take it back on the left leg and let's jump it lunge and jump keep that balance the whole way through pull that tummy in we're going to make sure that this knee isn't touch ing the floor remember if you want it modified you can just lunge back and step it together if you can add the jump in and give me one more jump excellent okay let's take it down to the floor we're going to do 10 seconds out and in and then 10 seconds of burpees we'll do that three times so if you're ready let's go 10 seconds one more bring it up 10 seconds with burpees let's bring it back down and jump it out for 10 this is your second set okay let's bring it back up to those burpees jump it high remember if you want to modify it step it out bring it in okay let's take it down to those jumps in and out third set keep going guys right to the end okay bring it back up for those burpees last 10 seconds one more jump okay okay just two more exercises to go we're going to do skipping really high for 40 seconds really lift those knees up holding that tummy remember if you want it modified you can just bring your knees up anytime you need a break just put it on pause and come right back keep going guys jump nice and high swing those arms through we've only got 40 seconds after this one and three two one okay last exercise we're going to squat and we're going to jump squat down and jump 40 seconds come on guys all the way through to the air jump with me really high and everybody squat low keep going guys you're going to feel good tomorrow if you're doing it keep breathing the whole time you're doing excellent keep going all the way to the end stay with me and five four 4 3 2 one and now you can relax thanks for joining me today with your Plyometrics workout remember here at xhit we've got plenty more fun and exciting episodes for you so subscribe to our channel it's free join me again soon I'm Rebecca Louise don't you know

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