1 WEEK Thigh Gap Challenge | 10 Min INNER THIGH Workout (Knee Friendly, No Equipment)

Before 48.3 cm After 45.8 cm Too tight, loosen a little 46.3 cm Hello everyone, today we will do an effective exercise that is easy to get used to. It will focus mainly on exercising the inner side of the thigh 11 00:00:35,840 –> 00:00:38,880 especially the upper side. From him 12 00:00:40,220 –> 00:00:41,770 There are 9 exercises in total and each movement lasts for 45 seconds. First, lie on one side, with your pelvis perpendicular to the floor. One leg crossed like this and the other leg will do this movement. The knee of the raised leg bends down toward the ground, which means that your heel is directed up and your toes are down at the same time. Your foot should hang in the direction of the calf. In this way, we can engage the muscles in the thigh of the pad. Try to reach the top when raising your leg and lower it slowly and do not Also touch the ground now let's repeat this exercise on the other side There are 3 main reasons why fat accumulates on the inner thigh first, because body fat is high which is a common reason that everyone knows There are two other reasons that people often overlook The first is that the thigh adductor muscle is weak which makes The inner thigh is flabby. The second reason is that the muscles in the hips and back of the thighs are not strong enough. The loosened muscles or fat move and eventually accumulate in the inner thigh. In today's exercise, we will focus on these three aspects comprehensively, and properly solve the problem of the flabby inner thigh well. Let's take a break and move on to the next exercise. Open the legs with the knees bent. When you open your leg to the maximum, stay for a few seconds and then return to the starting position. We need to do this exercise slowly. Imagine that you are using your inner thigh muscles to move your legs. If you want to see the result sooner, you can Use a resistance band to help, or you can wear heavy shoes, which means adding your weight to your legs. This will help achieve the result sooner. The inner thigh muscles must be engaged throughout the exercise. Okay, rest for 10 seconds. Let's move on to the next exercise. Let's extend the legs. 53 00:03:26,330 –> 00:03:28,740 And continue with the previous movement. Be aware that you need some rest periods from time to time and then return to the starting position followed by crossed legs. We can train our adductor muscles in this way and straighten your legs as much as possible. Notice if you have a hyperextension problem in the knee make sure you don't extend your legs as much and don't bend the knee instead of feeling the burning of your quadriceps your knees will hurt first Okay, rest for 10 seconds Next exercise, clamshell with the feet up in the air Make sure you add And squeeze your butt. Your body needs to maintain balance. Do not rock your body when you open and close your legs. Feel the contraction of your inner thigh muscles and hip muscles. This exercise will also stimulate your gluteus medius muscles. It's perfect for getting rid of hip dips. So we need to work hard to do this exercise just right. Let's move on. To the other side and repeat the same exercise. Make sure to engage your center and squeeze your hips. You can also use a resistance band to do this exercise. It will help you feel the contraction of your muscles as well as stimulate your inner thigh adductor muscles. Do you feel a burning in your legs and feet? This suggests that this exercise is very effective so we need to wait! Let's go! Okay, rest. Let's get a pillow. Lie down like this, keep your feet together. Place the pillow between your thighs and squeeze it firmly with your thighs. Okay, squeeze the pillow for 10 seconds and relax for 3 seconds. Then squeeze x seconds for 10 seconds and relax. Squeeze. Relax. Press again. This exercise. It seems simple but when you do it, you will feel the burn in your inner thigh muscles intensely. Okay, relax. Next exercise, the butterfly bridge. Press the soles of your feet together and keep them facing each other and use your hips and core muscles to lift your butt off the ground so that it is parallel to your body when you reach Highest point Wait for a few seconds Our knees need to diverge to opposite sides to further stimulate the inner thigh muscles Then return to the starting position Your hips should also not touch the ground Then lift up As we mentioned earlier, if you want to slim your inner thigh it is necessary to train your butt so let's make sure We're doing this exercise right Hang on! Okay, rest for 10 seconds. Let's come into tabletop position and keep our thighs perpendicular to the floor. Lift your leg out to the side and then come back and kick toward the ceiling. Your center should be aligned at all times. Keep your back straight when you lift your leg or when you kick the horse. Another common mistake. And this is when you raise your leg, your pelvis will twist to the side. We can check our supporting leg while doing the exercise. Always make sure that your thigh is perpendicular to the floor. This way, your pelvis will remain horizontal all the time. It can not only ensure the effectiveness of this exercise but also avoid hurting your spine. Well. , let's move to the other side and repeat. Leg side raises train your hip adductors and horse kicks can stimulate your hips and the back of your thighs. The center of the body is engaged throughout this process. Keep your back straight and keep your pelvis in a horizontal position on the floor again. If you want to slim your thigh Internal you need to train your hips and legs at the same time so keep going don't give up no matter how much the muscles hurt the more tired you are the more exercise you need the more muscle pain the more effective the exercise will be so we really want to stick with it come on you can do it and then rest for 10 Seconds let's lie on the waist, bringing our feet together Bend your feet firmly and press your butt at the same time Try to move your heels towards your hips slowly and then return to the starting position slowly as well Please pay attention that your hips are tight during this whole process especially when you raise your legs Do not relax your hips, Press them hard. This exercise can train the hamstring muscles

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