hi guys welcome back to my channel my name is Amy and today we're finally here for an outfit poll because a lot of you have been asking for one and I'm really happy that you guys like my outfits on my Instagram that you appreciate my fashion style I'm no fashion blocker but I think I do have my own style but if you guys are wondering where I am because this is background and stuff in Italy not my home I'm actually right now and W in hotel in Shanghai I don't know if I can manage to upload the travel block before this video but if I do I'll link the video right up here but if I haven't stay tuned so I actually get all of these outfits from the same website question it's super affordable you guys know that I do not like to spend a lot on photos all the outfits here are really really cheap and the quality is actually not bad as well so right now what I'm wearing is actually one of my favorite from this purchase I wore it at Singapore and you guys really like the photos on my Instagram as well I absolutely recommend this I think it's good to wear like just in a city and also good for like a beach holiday and super comfy are also good for traveling on the plane and this another piece that I got that I love I'll show you guys the picture right here I like that to sleep here is actually a bit big and it's just so slowly and so pretty and it's also cop so it's quite sexy as well and then this is another dress I got actually especially for Shanghai I just feel like it matches to five I wore this in the intro for my Shanghai block I also took a couple photos with it I really like it because it's quite fitting so it can show the figure a bit but at the same time it's not too tight so it's not suffocating the material is actually super comfy as well and this is another one that I got I'm sorry it looks a bit wrinkly right now because I actually just wore it a few days ago and Singapore is very – a I would say like the mature it's a bit thin so it's not for everyone but it's quite cheap I feel like it and actually a few of you also asked about this dress on my Instagram as well so I thought I'll also show you guys here okay and in this one I think is another one of my favorite piece of clothing I have ever the thing I like about this dress is that it's quite sexy at the back but it covers up in the front and also it's quite long so it's like sexy but at the same time doesn't show too too too much so it's quite the right balance I'll say I'm so glad I got this book Singapore that photo at night it's just thanks to this dress and then here's a white top the icon I always like white pop pop it just goes well with short pens dresses and I also wore in Singapore together with these pens and I would say this combo it's quite a new style but I'm just trying out as more high-fashion than how I normally is but I kinda like it it and Jeff said he likes it too so maybe I'll try four and then just want to actually haven't tried it yet I plan to wear it here in Shanghai I got it because I always like to have like a bit of mash and a friend and I really like this cut I just try it on to show you guys now what do you guys think you know no only when your head is here who would home eat I look back but now I'm just myself so I couldn't I just hold it up to show you guys I would say not the best from this batch because here it can go a bit also if you're wearing a bra like right now I'm actually wearing a nude bra but if I'm not careful or if I'm on the street I'm losing it might come down and show the bra yeah it's not bad but I would prefer if the sides here are just a bit higher up so I would feel safer and then next one is this wrap dress you know sometime we get close on this website even though I'm like most of the stuff it can be quite a bit I feel like this might be a miss just feel like this whole here is way too big I'm just gonna try it on for you guys now okay let's see the guys think it's too sexy for me this is the back again I only managed to do one button on each hand here they have to be honest I'm not the biggest fan of this last but not least is this long-sleeve I quite liked it on the first look let's try it on okay I actually really like the style but it is way too small I have such a hard time trying to squeeze myself into it and it's just so tight as hard to move if you want to get it I recommend to get just one size bigger because everything else I got small including this but somehow this one is just a bit smaller but like the style alright guys so that's it for this outfit haul is pretty short but let me know if you guys like this type of videos and just want to see more on my channel all the clothes I just tried on Alyssa links in the description box below so you can check that out if you also want to get one here so thanks for spending time to watch this video before you go remember to come in like share subscribe and I'll see you guys next week – $10-18 CHEAP ONLINE SHOPPING FROM SHEIN – IS IT A SCAM??? HUGE TRY-ON CLOTHING HAUL

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