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10-DAY Flat Belly Fat Burn + Abs Challenge ~ Emi

we're finally back with a 10 days workout challenge a lot of you have been asking sorry it's been taking me some time but here we are flat belly small weight challenge with a brand new absent cardio workout to lose fat get rid of the layer around here tighten and slim my waist and work on the sexy ab lines all the way videos in this challenge will be in the description box below let me get my timer ready ooh did you get a new phone case yeah let [Music] all pretty yeah yes come on oh each exercise 40 seconds there will be four sets with five exercises each first exercise is abs crunch tap [Music] exercise tap your opposite knee then toes with straight leg go [Music] i'll let you stay for coffee in the morning crunch your abs and tighten your belly every time you lift your leg up [Music] switch sides let's smash this workout like a champion [Music] oh [Music] rest third high knee exercise get that heart rate up and the fat burning going [Music] here [Music] knees higher for more burn [Music] wow rest fourth knee tab [Music] speed and power challenge yourself [Music] dress fifth other side [Music] exercise push it we'll get 20 seconds rest after this [Music] [Music] rest for 20 seconds lie down on the floor we'll get ready for lake drop lift exercise the key here is to work your abs to push your back flat on the ground we're not letting our back arch up otherwise we're not targeting the belly [Music] keep your legs off the ground the whole time to maintain the tension rest seventh climb a race [Music] exercise suck in the belly bring your knees in towards your chest [Music] speed it up let's run our best [Music] [Music] [Applause] one wrap to center then twist by bringing your opposite knee and elbow to touch alternate [Music] flat sides sexy ab lines were coming don't let the burn stop [Music] [Applause] [Music] ninth sitcake [Music] [Applause] exercise tighten your core kick opposite leg out this is not easy but we can do whatever we put our mind into as long as we keep trying [Music] [Applause] hold exercise back flat on the floor with no space in between squeeze your abs hard the lower your legs are the more burn and the belly [Music] almost there 20 seconds rest coming real soon [Music] rest rest for 20 seconds and we're standing back up for [Music] hiney [Music] exercise we're halfway through beast mode on [Music] [Music] [Music] twelfth knee tap [Music] exercises [Music] [Music] me [Music] uh thirteenth change side exercise give it your best so we have no [Music] regrets [Music] victory you make me win you cut me loose and set me free [Music] back onto the floor for licks drop lips exercise [Music] 15th a new exercise plank jack dip but then the sky reached my mind exercise dip to both sides followed by jumping your feet apart and back together hold your core tight throughout the whole exercise we're almost done with this [Music] rest for 20 seconds and get ready for the final five exercises in this workout starting with climber race [Music] [Music] exercise [Music] run towards the finish line for unstoppable bring it on [Music] yes seventeen quantities is all about that apps burn work it strike [Music] rest last three exercises 18th sit cake exercise it's time for my favorite quote again no pain no gain stay determined and let's get this done [Music] us [Music] hold [Music] exercise [Music] how much more can you take before a mental breakdown you say you're hang in there we're so so close to the finish line [Music] rest final exercise of this workout low lunge hop exercise yes it's gonna burn but it burns so good it's exactly what we're here for come on let's push and give our 100 finish what you started [Music] and we're done great great great work today you can find the rest of the water videos for the 10 days challenge in the description box below the effort you put in day in and day out will not be wasted every workout will take you closer to your goals and i'll see you again very soon – 10-DAY Flat Belly Fat Burn + Abs Challenge ~ Emi

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